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Young people's budget is not enough to recommend 6 automatic cars with the highest cost performance for the young people who have just come out to work, they are very distressed to choose a walking tool. It's hard to pursue performance and budget, but don't worry. Let's take a look at the 6 cheapest autos. These cars can satisfy most of the young people entering the workplace!

6 cheapest automatic small cars: Global Hawk free ship

In terms of price alone, the global Eagle free ship is one of the three compartment minicars with the highest cost performance, especially the two models equipped with 4-speed automatic gearbox. The lowest price is only 45800 yuan, and the cost performance advantage is very obvious. In addition, the cost of daily maintenance of the free ship is low, and the cost of use is not high.

At present, the Global Hawk free ship is probably the only model with advantages in the market: the price is below 50000 yuan, equipped with a 1.5L engine, and equipped with a 4-speed automatic gearbox. It can be seen that the cost performance advantage of the free ship 1.5L at Gold Diamond version is really obvious. In addition, spend more than 50000 yuan to buy a free ship 1.5L at Gold Diamond version, which is more than enough for daily steps. The shorter body is especially suitable for women's users.

In terms of power, there are 1.3L and 1.5L power options for the global Eagle free ship. The maximum power of 1.3L engine is 63kw / 6000rpm, and the maximum torque is 110Nm / 5200rpm; the maximum power of 1.5L engine is 69kw / 6000rpm, and the maximum torque is 128nm / 3400rpm. The engine displacement of the model with automatic transmission is 1.5L, which also solves the embarrassment that the acceleration of automatic transmission is not as good as that of manual transmission.

Recommended Zhongtai 5008 6 cheapest automatic small cars: Zhongtai 5008

The more flattering design of Zhongtai 5008 comes from the imitation of the domestic Toyota daihateri in the past few years. After partial modification, it has become more in line with the aesthetic concept of Chinese consumers. The design of small SUV makes Zhongtai 5008 superior to ordinary cars in terms of trafficability, and the driving space and storage space in the car are excellent. With rich configuration and high cost performance, it has a high sales performance in the second and third tier market. At present, the car has been renamed "Le Rui".

Although Zhongtai 5008 was modified on the basis of 2008 before, its appearance design is a very successful one to imitate dafaitrui, so it is particularly popular in the second and third tier market. Zhongtai 5008 all series automatic transmission models are equipped with CVT continuously variable transmission, of which the official guide price of the entry-level model 1.3-cvt standard model is only 62800 yuan. Considering the thousands of yuan discount in the terminal market, its naked car price has dropped to within 60000 yuan, which is indeed one of the cheapest CVT models on sale at present.

Zhongtai 5008 selects the 1.3L 4g13 and 1.5L 4g15 engines with the overall performance and economic index newly adjusted, and their maximum output power is 68.5kw and 78kw respectively. (power up to 52.69 kW and 52 kW respectively). For daily use, 1.3L engine with manual transmission is enough, with enough power and outstanding economy; if it is matched with CVT transmission, the acceleration performance is more smooth, but the speed will be more linear, and the violent acceleration action is rarely seen.

Recommend Changan Yuexiang as the cheapest automatic small car

6 cheapest automatic small cars: Changan Yuexiang

Chang'an Yuexiang mainly focuses on the sedan market of 50000-60000 yuan, which is more spacious in space compared with the same price model, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 km is 7.8l, which is relatively low in the automatic block model, so it is suitable for the use of families in the city.

Yuexiang of Chang'an is designed by Mr. dambrosio Luciano, European design center of Chang'an company. The body and proportion of the whole vehicle are designed according to the concept of sports car. Let consumers be attracted by its dynamic design elements at first sight. From Yuexiang, you can see the shadow of Mazda 3 and fox produced by Chang'an. Yuexiang's exterior design also fully draws on these two cars. Yuexiang's car head is full of arc shape, and its body shape is neither loud nor low-key. The total price of six models covers the range of 55900-71900.

On the whole, Yuexiang's appearance is more regular and vigorous. There is no exaggerated design, but it is not mediocre. Small details such as aluminum alloy wheel hub, black bottom headlight, honeycomb air intake grille and chrome plated exhaust pipe also add a lot of sports to the whole vehicle.

Yuexiang's interior has a strong sense of plastic, but the workmanship is still in line with the positioning of this price model. There is only one 1.5L naturally aspirated engine in Yuexiang hatchback, which can be equipped with 5MT and 4AT gearboxes. This is the only one of the four vehicles we introduced today that uses at gearboxes. Compared with CVT gearbox, 4AT gearbox will cause higher fuel consumption, but 4AT gearbox technology is more mature and reliable.

Recommend Zhonghua Junjie frv as the cheapest automatic small car

6 cheapest automatic small cars: Zhonghua Junjie frv

Junjie frv is designed by famous designer Georgia Rowe. The two raised lines on the front cover extend downward, and together with the slightly raised front bumpers at the left and right ends, a muscular front face is outlined; the middle net and air intake grille on the front cover still have some sharp taste -- with a bit of "BMW taste", but the overall contour is more round, moist and compact.

Look at the exterior and then the interior. The frv's dark interior design is not amazing. It's very flat, but this kind of flat feeling is also very suitable for home use. The workmanship and grade of the instrument are superior to other independent brand models, which are as eye-catching as Junjie and not easy to hang flowers.

For family users, as a compact model, Junjie frv has sufficient front and rear row space, especially the rear leg space, which is at a higher level in the same level. For families, the luggage compartment space is also very important, and frv performance is very good. In general, the space is sufficient. The seat back can also be folded by 4 / 6. The space flexibility is very high, and the floor is very flat.

Brilliance has selected Mitsubishi 4g18 engine, which is very mature in technology, as the power source of Junjie frv. A few years ago, this engine can be said to be the best choice of most domestic independent brands. In recent years, with the continuous listing of new cars, 4g18 has no advantages in technology and power level, but it is still widely used with its low cost, durable and easy to maintain features. Reasonable power combination brings more economical fuel consumption, which is also the most important point for many rational consumers. Mitsubishi's original 4-speed gearbox with 1.64g18 engine also has an advantage in stability and reliability, but the disadvantage is that the smoothness is slightly poor, and the 4-speed design inevitably increases the chance of frustration.

The cheapest automatic small car recommends global Eagle Panda

6 cheapest automatic small cars: Global Eagle Panda

The shape of global Eagle panda adopts bionic design and is named after panda, so it is favored by many consumers. Equipped with multiple engines, it also indirectly enriches the choice space of consumers. The safety factor of the whole vehicle is relatively high, and it is the only independent brand minicar that has obtained the highest standard of five-star collision test of C-NCAP.

Panda was initially launched as Geely's first minicar, and after the brand strategy reorganization, it was transferred to the name of global eagle. In terms of the sales volume of panda in recent six months, bionic design seems to be unable to conquer most people's aesthetics, at least not as fashionable as BYD F0 and mini. However, the panda is the only one equipped with a real 4-speed automatic gearbox, and the price is around 60000 yuan, so it's still worth considering.

The 1.3L in-line 4-cylinder 16 valve double overhead camshaft engine of the global Eagle panda has a maximum output power of 63kw / 6000rpm and a maximum output torque of 110N & middot; m / 5200rpm. The maximum power of 1.5L engine is 69kw / 6000rpm; the maximum torque is 128n & middot; m / 3400rpm. The displacement of these two engines is higher than that of most competitors of the same level, and their power performance is relatively superior. The only thing that consumers are likely to pick is that their fuel consumption level is not well controlled and relatively high.

Recommend Chang'an to run for mini

6 cheapest automatic small cars: Chang'an rush to mini

Since September, the monthly sales volume of Chang'an running for mini has suddenly increased to nearly 10000 units, becoming one of the hottest models in the micro car market. Although most of the sales volume of mini is from the manual model, the top version of the 5amt luxury model only costs 46900 yuan. For ordinary housewives who are mainly taking the steps and taking their children to school, it is obvious that their performance is very balanced.

Changan gallop Mini automatic transmission adopts 5-speed AMT automatic transmission, with the biggest advantage of simple driving. As the top model of the whole car series, the price is also reasonable. In addition, the vibration of 1.0L engine designed with in-line 4-cylinder design is smaller than that of other 3-cylinder minicars of the same level, the inside and outside workmanship of the car is more delicate, the front and rear driving space is more spacious, equipped with front and rear power windows, etc., which are all outstanding aspects of running Mini in the same level of vehicle.