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What do the red and yellow dots on the tires mean respectively I believe that many observant car owners may have noticed that there is a red dot and a yellow dot on the tread on one side of the tire. If you look closely, you will find that the red dot is solid and the yellow dot is hollow. What does this red dot and yellow dot mean? Let's talk about it today to satisfy everyone's curiosity.

Why are these two points? This is because according to the existing technology level, the tire can not reach absolute balance in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the tires must be tested before leaving the factory. These two points are marked in the process of testing. If the vibration amplitude exceeds the standard, such tires are not allowed to leave the factory.

The solid red dot represents the position of the largest longitudinal vibration of the tire, that is to say, the position is the heaviest, which is called the center of gravity in professional terms. Everyone knows that the tire will vibrate in the process of migration and transformation, and this position is the point with the greatest vibration.

The hollow yellow dot and the solid red dot are the opposite. They represent the position of the least longitudinal vibration of the tire, that is to say, the lightest position is the lightest point of the tire.

In fact, in addition to the two points on the tire, there are also signs on some wheel hubs. If there is one, it is a red solid point. Of course, there is no sign on some wheel hubs. The red solid dot represents the light dot of the hub, which is the lightest.

Knowing the meaning of these points, maybe some partners have guessed how to install the tires. Yes, pay attention to the following points during the tire installation process:

1. The side with a little sign is outward.

2. If there is a red dot mark on the wheel hub, align the red dot on the tire with the white dot on the wheel hub.

3. If there is no sign on the wheel hub, align the yellow dot on the tire with the valve. Don't forget, the valve also has weight.

The purpose of the latter two points is to combine the key points with the light points, so that they can make up for each other and make the whole wheel reach a balance as much as possible.

Why do you want to do this? The ultimate goal is to make the wheels reach a dynamic equilibrium in the process of migration and transformation. However, someone has to say, 'my tires are not aligned with the points you said, so it's still comfortable to run! "This is due to the dynamic balance, and the lead block is stuck on the wheel hub.

So, if you know such a thing, no one asks anyone to do it. It's just a matter of sticking a big lead block or a small lead block. If you are a perfectionist, you must be right to do as mentioned above. If you feel it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.