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What is royal blue fish? How to raise Royal Blue Fish

In fact, once the fish is full and wants it to eat again, it does not eat. For the first time, the quantitative method is to feed less, and the fish will be eaten soon, and then give less until some fish are full.

A brief introduction to the Royal Blue Fish

The Royal Blue record belongs to the breeding striped blue-green seven color immortal line. It has a round body, with red as the basic color, and it is full of wide blue stripes, and then inlaid with ruby like red eyes. Its royal noble temperament is immediately revealed, which is of great value.

Seven color angelfish is a very famous ornamental fish species. Because of its special body shape, rich colors and patterns, it is very popular with fish friends, so it also has the reputation of "the emperor of tropical ornamental fish". In recent years, the price of colorful angelfish is more and more expensive, and people are still crossbreeding and cultivating new varieties.

The first appearance of seven color angelfish was in 1991, when they immediately became famous all over the world. Because the appearance of seven color angelfish is very beautiful and special, many fish friends like it very much. Therefore, seven color angelfish is crowned with the good name of "the emperor of tropical ornamental fish".

There are red, green, blue-green and blue colors in the body color of seven color angelfish; the proportion of main longitudinal stripes in the whole body, accounting for more than 75%, is classified as Turquoise; in the body shape, there are wide fin bodies which are still disc-shaped; there are high body type and high body wide fin type. Its name also has different names because of regional habits, such as red turquoise, blue turquoise, cobalt blue, pine stone, a piece of blue, shiny pancake and pancake.

Many people misunderstand that the name of the dove red seven color fairy refers to the red on its body. In fact, the original meaning is to describe the color of its eyes. Because there is one of the most beautiful ruby in the world, called dove red, and the blood red eyes of the dove red seven color Fairy fish are like the most beautiful ruby, so the good dove red eyes must be blood red.

How to raise King blue fish?

It is not only necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of feeding environment and water quality, but also a very important step to feed the colorful angelfish scientifically. It is generally recommended to adhere to the principle of "four fixations" when feeding colorful angelfish, that is, timing, quantification, quality and positioning.

I. timing

It's better to feed in the morning than in the evening. It's better to feed one time than many times. Fish are raised for viewing, not for management, once a day is enough to make the fish grow well. Feed regularly every day, fish will jump bravely when eating, hunger point, and swimming will increase. Looking for food is a kind of exercise. In nature, fish often can't eat enough, but live well, that's the reason.

Two, quantitative

In fact, once the fish is full and wants to let it eat again, it does not eat. For the first time, the quantitative method is to feed less, and the fish will be eaten soon, and then give less until some fish are full. Without increasing or reducing the number of fish, it is enough to master this amount or slightly less each time. Once the fish can't finish eating or don't eat in the normal time, it indicates that some or all of the fish are sick, so they should stop eating, observe and even treat.

Three. Quality control

Here we mainly talk about blood worms. After the blood worms are bought back, they need to be sterilized, that is, first wash them with water and then soak them for 10-15 minutes, then put a little permanganate (the water is light purple), soak them for 10-15 minutes and then rinse them. Drain the water and wrap them in a wet towel and put them in the fresh-keeping box and put them on the refrigerator fresh-keeping layer. Generally, it's OK to keep them fresh for 7-10 days. When using, take enough to eat, rinse with water and then feed. During washing, it was found that there were still living blood worms swimming in the water, which proved that the preservation was successful. Once found blood insect sticky hand, put in the water are white or black do not use.

Four, positioning

This is to establish the fish's conditioned reflex. Feed the fish at the same place in the tank at the same time every day. As soon as the light is turned on, the fish will gather at the feeding place. It's a scene that people like to live in their hearts. They are full of their selflessness and satisfaction.