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Zhao Wei, Wang Junkai, what's going on in the food market Recently, the second season of "Chinese restaurant" is in full swing recording in Colmar, France. Members of "Chinese restaurant" have announced that guests such as Su Youpeng, Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Wang Junkai and Bai Jigang have all appeared at the scene and participated in the filming of various Reuters, which has attracted the attention of netizens. In this season's program, although there is no Huang Xiaoming and Zhou Dongyu, but with the participation of Su Youpeng and Wang Junkai, this combination is also very rigid. Moreover, Zhao Wei is still the owner's wife, which is also a strong combination.

Zhao Wei is familiar with all aspects of Chinese restaurant. With the experience of being a store manager in the first season, I believe there will be many unique ideas in the second season. However, fans have long been reluctant to wait for Wang Junkai, a young neighbor known by Hunan Taiwan as a skillful craftsman.

And the program road photo exposure, Zhao Wei Wang Junkai shopping, are all a casual wear on the street. But today's main thing to say is that Zhao Wei and Wang Junkai dressed when they went to the market. I don't know if Wang Junkai will show his hand in the show this time. I'm also looking forward to Wang Junkai's dressing in the show.

We need to know that Zhao Wei's changes were made in the last season. This season, I don't know whether a certain shape of Wang Jun will be made hot or not. Will it be a hairband? Let's see how Wang Junkai dressed when buying vegetables.

Zhao Wei and Wang Junkai go to the vegetable market. Wang Junkai is wearing an orange pullover. It's a V-neck design, with straps on the neckline and a white coating on the V-neck to create an arrow like design. With a white hat and white cuffs. Wang Junkai goes with black pants and beige shoes. He wears them all in a casual and athletic way.

Roll up your sleeves, clean and vibrant. In addition, Wang Junkai wears a striped hair band, which is red, white and black. With the collar design of the sweater, it looks very retro and has a national style. It's a very famous style of African tribes, with bandages and stripes. It's very beautiful and vigorous.

Recently, Wang Junkai also likes hair belt. On the one hand, it's hot. Wearing hair belt can prevent sweat from leaving and get eyes, and make up for eyes. On the other hand, some spring and summer clothes match hair belt very well. It's just a sharp tool for concave modeling. Zhao Wei, Wang Junkai, strolling around the food market, Wang Junkai's dressing and matching, mainly highlighting fashion and vitality. This body not only has these feelings, but also has strong ethnic customs.

Su Youpeng used to be a kitchen idiot, but recently, Su Youpeng often made his own dishes on his social platform. According to the picture, Su Youpeng only made his first dishes in mid April, with meat and vegetable matching, which is good in terms of sales. Wang Junkai has also learned how to cook by himself since he came out from childhood. He has shown his cooking skills in variety shows for many times, and has also taught you how to cook live. It should be good.

Besides Su Youpeng and Wang Junkai, Zhao Wei has already demonstrated her cooking skills. On the first day of the army's arrival, Bai Jigang had made the first meal for everyone in an apron. After two days of sorting out, "Chinese Restaurant 2" is finally open today. The first thing before opening every day is to go to the food market or supermarket to buy fresh ingredients. Compared with the transportation in Thailand, it seems that in France, people can only transport by manpower. Wang Junkai, Bai Jigang, Shu Qi and Su Youpeng have all become human conveyors, carrying pots, pans and ingredients to the store one by one.

In the afternoon, "Chinese Restaurant 2" ushered in the first wave of guests this season. Zhao Wei ordered the dishes himself. The door was crowded. You can see that business was good on the first day of opening.

Su Youpeng put on apron, gloves and set the table carefully. In France, Su Youpeng is not only popular, but also recognized by tourists from time to time. Su Youpeng is also very friendly to chat and entertain with tourists.

After a day's work, four people gathered for dinner, but also a tired face. Wang Junkai picked up a beer and took a sip of it. The dinner table was very friendly. It was a good lineup.