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What is Chen he's father? What is Chen he's family background

Sihaiwang: the latest issue of "familiar taste" welcomes Chen he and her mother Hu Xiaoling as guests. Chen he specially prepared "pig liver noodle" for his mother. The whole gratitude program is full of warmth and touching. The program mentions the happy life of Chen he's family, but there is no trace of Chen he's father. Chen he and his mother have appeared on TV many times, but his father is very mysterious.

On June 8, it was revealed on the Internet that Chen he's father had a rare old photo. When he was young, he had big eyebrows and big eyes. His temperament was outstanding and he was very handsome. Although Chen he's father didn't go on any program with his son, Chen he once took a picture with his father, and his father and son had a very good relationship.

Although Chen he looks ridiculous and funny, he was born in the family of art and calligraphy. His mother turned out to be a superstar. Hu Xiaoling was a well-known actress in the 1970s and 1980s. After retiring behind the scenes, she is now the head of Fujian Provincial People's art academy and a national famous first-class drama actor.

Hu Xiaoling has starred in many dramas, such as "flourishing", "young generation", movie "happy hero", TV series "people and people" and "border police", all of which are excellent classics. Moreover, she is not only an actress, but also a director, who has directed the drama "the soldier", etc.

It is reported that Chen he's father has always been working behind the scenes and is very low-key. Chen he's father holds the position of national senior art manager, which is also related to art. No wonder Chen he will go on the road of actors. Compared with Chen he's mother, Chen he's father has not appeared in public, so it's little known. But Chen he's father's fine genes were passed on to him. When he was young, he was not only tall and handsome, but also had delicate facial features, and a little bit bumped into Ji Lingchen's face.

In addition, Chen he's cousin is the great director Chen Kaige, whose work farewell my concubine is a rare masterpiece. But Chen he doesn't seem to have much feeling about his cousin who has a big director. When talking about Chen Kaige, Chen he just said lightly, 'everyone has relatives, just because my relative is Chen Kaige, that's all. '

Chen he also denied that he entered the performing arts circle because of Chen Kaige's relationship and said: 'I didn't know until I went to university. When I realized this, I had already embarked on this road. After performing "love apartment", Chen Kaige knew that I was a good actor. '

Previously, in an interview, Chen he was asked whether his cousin, Chen Kaige's cousin, wanted to play in Chen Kaige's play. Chen he said that he still needed to practice. "I think so, but I'd better practice first. It's natural and better. '

At that time, Chen he was invited to the theatre from the middle drama, Beiying to Shangxi. Chen he confessed that he had not been taken care of because of this relationship when he applied for the examination. Only by his own efforts could he go to the present. "After performing" love apartment ", Chen Kaige knew that I was a good actor. '

Today's Chen he can achieve what he has achieved, which is entirely based on his own ability. Although he has not starred in Chen Kaige's works, he is now well-known in his variety show, film and television.