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When and how much will glory play go on sale

Glory play held a new product launch yesterday afternoon, and the highly concerned glory play was exposed to have considerable technical gold content. What are the new technologies for glorifying play? When can I buy and see the real machine? What's the price of this glorious play? I'd like to have a look at it with Xiaobian.

The "scary technology" mentioned by preheat has also been officially unveiled. The original technology is gputurbo (graphics processing acceleration technology), which is a software and hardware collaboration technology. Huawei claims that it can improve the graphics processing efficiency of mobile phones by 60%. SOC energy consumption is reduced by 30%. When you play popular games, you can run at full frame.

How much is glory play mobile

It is reported that Huawei's gputurbo technology makes single thread processing performance stronger, and it can also be applied to some middle-end mobile phones and some thousand yuan mobile phones, with frame rate improvement and overall power consumption reduction. Another technical breakthrough of gputurbo is HDR display effect, which can realize sharpening, animation effect display, etc. Through the way of hardware and software cooperation, the application layer, emui and hardware layer are combined, and the efficiency of graphics processing is 60% higher than before. At present, popular games such as king glory and QQ flying car can run at full frame.

On the front of glory play is a 6.3-inch FHD + class banged alien full screen, with 89% of the screen. Bangs are as hidden as glory 10. Glory play doesn't come with its own film. Consumers can buy professional TP game film provided by glory official separately. As there are no pre fingerprints like Huawei P20, glory 10 and glory V10, glory play's chin is relatively narrow, barely accommodating the glory logo. The new machine adopts the integrated metal body of V10, which can bring better heat dissipation compared with the glass body. At the same time, it is supported by the U-shaped Dome Antenna belt design

In addition, glory play uses back fingerprint recognition, and has three basic colors of nebula purple, Aurora blue and magic night black. In addition, there are cool game colors of magic night black and magic flame red. On the core hardware, glory play is equipped with Kirin 970 flagship processor, which provides 6GB of running memory and 3750mah of battery capacity. On the system, glory play is equipped with the emui 8.2 system based on Android 8.1 for the first time. In the future, glory V10 and glory 10 will also fully support gputurbo technology on June 28.

Glory play is equipped with 1600W pixel front lens and 1600W pixel back lens + 200W pixel AI dual camera combination, just like the previous glory 7x. Support portrait shooting, three-dimensional beauty, facial recognition, 3D portrait lighting, etc. Glory play will launch two versions, the 4GB + 64GB all Netcom version is priced at 1999 yuan, and the 6GB + 64GB all Netcom version is priced at 2399 yuan. The reservation starts today, and it will be officially sold on, and other platforms at 10:08 on June 11. In addition, there is a 6GB + 64GB Coldplay version, which costs 2499 yuan and starts to sell in July.