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How to turn old towel into treasure how to reuse old towel

Sihaiwang: we will have a lot of old towels and bath towels in our life. What if these old towels are not used? Just throw it away? Don't waste any more. Let's see how to turn the old towel into a treasure. Fall in love with the old towel immediately after reading it!

Antiskid slippers

The used towel has some friction. It's better to make slippers with it.

Find two towels and cut them according to the solid line on the left of the figure below. The sole can be cut directly. When cutting the upper, fold the towel first. The dotted line is the crease.

After cutting, first sew the heel of the vamp, and then sew the vamp on the sole.

Then sew the rest of the towel together, and then put the two pairs of shoes together to sew, and the slippers are finished!

Mop cloth

Sew on the towel directly, cover it on the mop and stick it firmly.

You can also cut the towel into a 'I' shape, stick on the glue, and finish the glove of the mop in the middle!

Storage bag

When traveling or traveling, the most troublesome thing is to bring toiletries. A towel can solve this problem!

When making the storage bag, first fold the towel and sew a few stitches on the dotted line.

Then sew a thin cloth strip on the edge of the towel, and the washing bag is ready~

For the storage bag hanging behind the door, it's enough to sew more towels. If you want to put something longer, remember to sew deeper.

Bath Mat

The soles of the feet must be wet when coming out of the bathroom. It's easy to slip. If you make a foot pad with a towel, it won't slip!


Isn't the apron long enough? Don't worry, you can use old towels!

I think the previous apron is too short, and I can sew an old towel on it.

Put the old towel on the belt, and you can tie it to your waist to make an apron without worrying about the oil splashing on your body.

Water cup insulation sleeve

The hot water in the water cup is always cool fast? That's because the water glass is short of a warm 'clothes'.

Roll up the old towel and sew it on the cup. Don't worry about the hot water cooling too fast~

Oven glove

Just steamed things are very hot. If you hold them directly, they will be burned. Try using gloves made of towels.

Just fold the towel in half, cut it to the size of your hand, and sew the edges together~

Flower bath

When you use bath gel, you must rub bubbles. The old towel has good water absorption and friction. It's more suitable to make bath flowers.

When making the towel, cut it into several narrow strips and round cloth. First, sew the narrow cloth in a circle with thread, and pull the thread tightly from one end to make the towel wrinkle.

Then sew the narrow strip around the round cloth. The soft and absorbent bath towel can be used~