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What's going on when you're sleeping? Why do you have a convulsion when you're sleeping

Sihaiwang: now many people's sleep quality is generally poor. In addition to insomnia, some people will have some extra 'little surprises' when they sleep. For example, if you go out with a friend occasionally and find her asleep, you are listening to her snoring. Maybe some people grew up listening to their family's grinding and drooling. Recently, there is another new discovery. Maybe few people mentioned it before, but when they said it, it caused more 'resonance'. That is to sleep to half, the body suddenly unconsciously shook. It's the kind of obvious shaking that will wake you up and sometimes kick your feet forward. People who have these situations are curious. What's the matter? Is it the same as dreaming that most of them will urinate in the toilet. However, some people also say that they do not dream of kicking and shaking.

So, what's the matter with sudden shaking and kicking in sleep?

1. Tiredness during the day: some people don't exercise often, and suddenly one day the amount of exercise increases. Special legs, like some people who need to stand all day due to working relationship, are more vulnerable to damage. If some people don't stand or exercise for a long time, once there is a change, when they rest at night, they are most likely to have abnormal, very common cramps, etc.

2. Nervous excitement: when you fall asleep soon, your brain may be in a state of fatigue, and you can quickly enter a state of rest. But part of the body's nerves are excited. It can cause sudden body tremors and wake you up.

3. Great mental pressure: the pressure of life and work is also increasing. Some people are in a tense state in their daily life. As time goes by, they are more tired. In addition, they may not have enough rest, which is very tired. In the limited rest time, the body will give you some reactions.

4. Calcium deficiency: This is some of the problems that many people have. We will also see some pregnant women who are prone to cramp in the middle of the night due to calcium deficiency. Blood calcium is low, can cause muscle, nerve excitability hyperactivity, cause convulsion convulsion subsequently. Some children also dream when they grow up and wake up when they step on the air.

5. Physiology: dreaming is a thing that many people have experienced. As mentioned above, dreaming about going to the toilet is prone to bed wetting. In fact, it also has something to do with our physiological natural response. Many people have this kind of phenomenon, which is that they have already urinated. There's no restraint when it comes to toilets. But the more frequent group should be children. And when we sometimes dream of playing or walking with people and kicking people to step on the air, even in dreams, the body will make corresponding actions out of physiological response.

It's worth noting that occasional shaking is not a big problem, but if it happens frequently, you should pay attention to the physical condition, so as to avoid the causes of some other diseases.