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Who is on the official publicity guest list of "Chinese Restaurant 2" this morning, the second season of "Chinese restaurant" ushered in a new youth partner. Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Su Youpeng, Wang Junkai and Bai Jigang announced to join us. They went to the romantic French town of Colmar to start a new restaurant management journey.

We are looking forward to a new youth partner in the second season of Chinese restaurant. Zhao Wei, Shu Qi, Su Youpeng, Wang Junkai and Bai Jigang, five distinguished guests, announced to join us. They went to the romantic French town of Colmar to start a new restaurant business trip. Since the preparation of the program, countless lineups have speculated that a storm has been set off in the social platform, and they have repeatedly been on the hot search list without taking the lead. The newly announced five permanent guests are also known by netizens as "the most anticipated lineup of the year". The program is in hot shooting, and there are lots of highlights. It's also another screen reunion of Zhao Wei and Su Youpeng after "Huanzhugege".

We all know that Xiao Kai has gone to France to record "Chinese restaurant", and fans are still looking forward to it, because "Chinese restaurant" is a slow life variety. When we go to buy food and cook every day, we can still sit and talk with each other after one day's recording, and play with talents, which is very beautiful. Wang Junkai, as a super popular all-around idol after '95', has been appreciated and loved by the public with the image of youth and sunshine and positive energy since he started his career, and is highly sought after and recognized by fans. He is not only a popular idol and potential young actor on the stage, but also the youngest "UNEP goodwill ambassador" in history. Wang Junkai's independent character since he was a child has also made him know how to take care of himself and others at a young age: cook a good dish. Despite the busy schedule, Xiao Kai often expresses his love to the people around him by cooking.

Last summer, the first season of "Chinese restaurant" set up a bridge for the exchange of Chinese and Thai food culture in Elephant Island, Thailand, to show the wisdom of Chinese food and become a food symbol branded on Elephant Island. All 11 episodes of the program reached the top of the ratings, and "zero negative rating" triggered numerous public praise, opening up a unique style of the program. After the broadcast of the program, the tourism value of Elephant Island has risen sharply, and the number of Chinese tourists has increased by 607% compared with the previous year. Many travel agencies in Thailand have started to cooperate with each other to set up special tourist lines for Elephant Island, and the income of tourism projects has greatly increased.

The second season of "Chinese restaurant" will be upgraded. A new mode will be set up based on last year's program to increase the interest of the program. The shooting place is Colmar, France, which is more important for the collision and exchange of Oriental and Western cuisines. The friendship between China and France has a long history. This time, Hunan Satellite TV takes "Chinese restaurant" as its cultural carrier, demonstrating the responsibility and action of the mainstream media platform to promote world cultural exchanges. Colmar, a small town in France, is developing a mysterious and romantic veil to the world in a unique way in the Chinese program.

Meizhenjie, a cultural scholar, said that "Chinese restaurant" borrows the star effect to move forward, spreads Chinese food culture to all over the world, and vividly expresses the core of Chinese food culture with scene language. It is hoped that the second section of "Chinese restaurant" can continue its leading edge, introduce more knowledge into the program, form a positive competitive advantage of the joint efforts of variety programs, and become the leader of catering cultural variety programs.