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New song audition judges say Jay Chou's song is not nutritious in the early morning of this morning, a group of videos were uploaded by a netizen. The content of the videos is that his friend played a song of Jay Chou when he participated in the 2018 audition of "China's new song", which was rejected by the judges of the audition!

Judging from the video content uploaded by the netizen, the speaking judge said: 'if you want to play and sing, you are not recommended to play Jay Chou's songs, because there is no nutrition, because there are too many English songs. 'then the video is over. Maybe this judge means that there are too many English songs with more connotation than Jay Chou's songs? This remark may have caused a scene uproar. After the video was exposed by netizens, many netizens were very angry!

The netizen also said that he had been a fan of Jay Chou for many years, and was very uncomfortable after seeing the video, and made a large speech to refute the judge. The editor summed it up briefly as follows: 'Jay Chou has been a singer for more than ten years, and has composed more than 200 songs in total. Some of them are for himself or for other singers, but both the lyrics and the music are of first-class standard, which is why Jay Chou is called a musician of ghost talents. What's more, Jay Chou has shown his strength for so many years. It's worth mentioning that this judge is also the judge of the audition competition of China new song, and Jay Chou is the program tutor of China new song. A audition judge even criticizes the program tutor. So this netizen said, 'since you denied that Jay Chou's songs are not nutritious, why not be straight Go to the program group? Let the program group not invite Jay Chou! "

In fact, Jay Chou's songs are not nutritious, which is a very biased view. Jay Chou's song style is Chinese style, which is known to all. His songs can be simple and easy to understand, such as listening to mother's words. However, there are many ancient and connotative songs, such as blue and white porcelain, Dongfeng break, double stick, compendium of Materia Medica, etc., which are often combined with the elements of traditional culture and modern elements to achieve the purpose of promoting traditional culture. Moreover, Fang Wenshan is the author of many songs of Jay Chou. Fang Wenshan is one of the most influential Ci writers in Chinese music. To say that Jay Chou's songs are not nutritious is to say that Fang Wenshan's lyrics are not up to standard!

It is reported that the predecessor of "China's new song" is the previously popular variety show "China's good voice", and Jay Chou has also successfully served as the tutor of the two seasons, namely, "China's new song season I" and "China's new song Season II". In the first half of this year, the third season of China's new songs was officially launched. Meanwhile, Zhou Jielun, Nicholas Tse, Li Jian and other mentors were officially announced. The third season of China's new songs will be officially launched on Zhejiang TV in July. Unexpectedly, when the audition was still in progress, it broke out that the audition judges did not respect their program instructors.

Many netizens, after learning the news, called out to the program group of "China new song", hoping that they could come out two steps and apologize to Jay Chou! However, judging from past experience, if the news said by the netizen is true, the general election evaluation committee will come out to apologize! &;