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2018 college entrance examination filling and application process how to choose 2018 college entranc

Although the college entrance examination is over, the most important part is still to choose a school. How to choose an ideal university according to the results? We need to see the major and historical admission scores of the school, which is no less than the college entrance examination. Now, the editor has sorted out the process and precautions of filling in the voluntary application, hoping to help you.

2018 college entrance examination application flow chart

Many partners are not clear about the process of filling in the 2018 college entrance examination. The editor reminds you to first understand the college entrance examination policy and enrollment plan in detail, and then find out the specific rules of parallel application. Next, let's see the flow chart of filling in the 2018 college entrance examination.

(1) Log in to the specified page.

Online application shall be made on the website designated by the provincial recruitment office. Log in to the designated website, open the browser, and enter the website of online report. The designated webpage will be printed on the examination permit, or call the provincial recruitment office for office phone consultation.

(2) Enter a user name and password.

The user name is the number of 14 registration numbers on the candidates' examination permit. The initial password for the first time to log in to the online registration system is the ID card number. After entering the user name and password, you can log in to the online registration system.

(3) Read the instructions for candidates.

After entering the online application system, the computer screen will display the "online application instructions" to inform candidates of the online application process and precautions. Candidates should read carefully, understand the operation process and relevant requirements, and then carry out the next step of operation. In order to keep the correct error of the application, it is important for candidates to read carefully.

(4) Change the initial password.

When the examinee logs in the online application system for the first time, he / she must change the initial password. If he / she does not change it, he / she will automatically return to the previous step and cannot continue to operate. Click the "modify" button to modify the password and fill in the contact information for admission. After the password has been successfully modified, you can start to fill in the application. (remember the revised password. It's better to use it normally. Make sure the admission contact information is written correctly. If you can contact you often, you will not be stopped.)

(5) Select batch to fill in the application.

First click the "fill in the volunteer" button on the web page, first select the batch to be filled in, then fill in the college code and the selected professional code according to the volunteer form drafted in advance to the volunteer column, and do not misplace the column. Follow the process carefully and strictly.

(6) Check.

After entering the college code and major code, click the "next" button, and the online filling volunteer system will convert the filled code into the corresponding college and major, and the filled college name and major name will be displayed on the screen. At this time, the examinee should read the prompt information on the screen, and carefully verify whether the displayed schools and majors want to fill in. If they don't, or the "invalid colleges" or "invalid majors" prompted by red font indicate that they have filled in the wrong code, they must correct according to the correct code, or they will be Zhang Guanli Dai. If you want to modify or fill in the application, you can click back to return to the filling interface to modify or fill in. (this is one of the most important steps for online application for college entrance examination)

(7) Save volunteer information.

After checking that the volunteer information is correct, click the "save" button. Only when you click the "save" button, the filled volunteer information will be saved in the online reporting system; if you do not click, the volunteer information will not be saved, which is equal to no filling. After filling in the volunteers of each batch, click the "save" button to save the volunteer information of this batch. After preservation, fill in other batches of volunteers from step 5.

(8) Query and quit the volunteer system.

After filling in all batches of volunteers to be filled in, first click the "safe exit" button to exit from the filling in volunteer system, and then log in the filling in volunteer system again, click the "query volunteer" button to comprehensively check the filling in status of each batch of volunteers, and check whether each batch, college and professional volunteer is complete and accurate, and whether there is invalid college volunteer or invalid professional volunteer. If there is no problem, click the "safe exit" button to exit the online application system and close the application browser page. Complete the application.

Notes on filling in and applying for college entrance examination

1. Candidates and their parents must not be blind when filling in the college entrance examination application. They should consider their own interests, hobbies and strengths, and select and apply for the college entrance examination according to their own conditions.

2. In the process of filling in the 2018 college entrance examination, it is better to have a grasp of the basic situation and general direction of the target institutions and majors by referring to the college entrance examination data over the years.

3. When filling in the college entrance examination and choosing majors, we must combine the current hot majors and career types, but we should not concentrate on the hot majors. Such majors have a large number of applicants and a small admission probability. It is better to find professionals for comprehensive analysis before choosing.