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What should be paid attention to in 2018 college entrance examination

The college entrance examination is about to enter the last few days of countdown. I believe that everyone is familiar with the preparation of the college entrance examination. However, the editor still has to say a few words. Look at these instructions before the examination, and I wish you good results in the examination. So, before the college entrance examination, we'd better look at these precautions again.

Notes on college entrance examination

Get ready:

1. Take good examination permit, ID card and other items, black signing pen and 2B pencil are better to have two more, as well as rubber, ruler and compass for mathematics examination.

2. Don't drink too much water before entering the examination room. Don't go to the toilet during the examination to prevent wasting time.

3. Eat well and sleep well. Make sure you are energetic during the exam. Even if you can't sleep, don't be nervous. When you calm down and empty your mind, you will fall asleep slowly. The more you think about it, the more you can't sleep.

4. It's good to wear comfortable clothes at ordinary times. Our teacher used to say that when we wear new clothes, we always want others to pay attention to them, so we don't need to wear new and colorful clothes to avoid distraction.

5. After being familiar with the examination room before, don't think about the location. It's the same everywhere. You can give a psychological hint: this seat is really good.

6. Don't pay too much attention to the invigilator, think they are fierce or something. The invigilator does the same thing. There is no one who is good or not. In two days, you can't remember their looks, just ignore them.


1. Stick to 'I can, I can do well'. 'although I'm a little nervous, others are also nervous, nothing terrible! "I can't do it all, but I must do it right! '

2. In the whole process of the examination, we should make sure that the belief of "people are easy, I am not careless; people are difficult, I am easy, I am not afraid of difficulties" will win, so that we will always be in the best competitive state.


1. Don't rush to answer the questions when you get the test paper. First, listen to the instructions of the invigilator, check whether the test paper is polluted, damaged, missing or illegible, and then fill in your name and examination permit number at the place specified in the test paper. Do not fill in the absence mark.

2. Look through the whole volume, make a comprehensive plan for the implementation of the correct problem-solving strategy, overcome the difficulties in front, and do not have time to do the easy questions in the back.

3. Writing should be neat and the paper can be scored. A good first impression will produce a halo effect on the psychology of the marking teacher: writing conscientiously -- studying conscientiously -- getting good grades -- giving high scores.

4. The principle of "easy first, then difficult" is to skip the difficult questions for the time being.

5. After finishing the multiple choice questions, it's better to fill in the answer sheet immediately, so as not to have enough time at the end.

6. Don't hand in your papers in advance.

After examination:

1. At the end of each test, you must bring back the examination permit, ID card and other items.

2. At the end of the exam, students should not answer the questions, so as not to know their own mistakes and affect the mood of the next exam. Forget one subject after the test, and put the foothold on preparing for the next subject.