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What's wrong with Jia Yueting being classified as a serious dishonest? What are the consequences of on the morning of June 1, the credit China website published the first batch of specific serious dishonest people, who will not be able to take trains, planes and other means of transportation within a certain period of time.

The names of Jia Yueting and his sister Jia Yuefang are listed in the list of 31 persons provided by the CSRC, involving the overdue failure to perform the obligation to pay the administrative penalty for securities and Futures and the overdue failure to perform the public commitment of the relevant responsible subjects of the listed company.

Before that, Jia Yueting had been listed as the executor of dishonesty for many times. One of the most controversial things about Jia Yueting's brother and sister at LETV is that they promised to lend all the proceeds from the reduction to listed companies. But in the case of LETV's capital chain crisis, Jia Yueting and his sister Jia Yuefang withdrew more than 3 billion yuan from LETV from the end of 2016 to 2017.

On the one hand, LETV's suppliers are collecting debts; on the other hand, Jia Yueting's brother and sister have withdrawn funds from LETV's listed companies, which has caused many people's dissatisfaction with Jia Yueting. Since he went to the United States in 2017, Jia Yueting has been staying in the United States and has not returned home.