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My first half of life: he Han, Tang Jing, the ending storyteller, my first half of life, 28, 29, 30

Did you catch up with my first half of life, a popular TV play recently? As an urban emotional drama, it suddenly started to make fans overwhelmed, but such a work without early publicity became a black horse and attracted strong attention. I believe many netizens are very curious about the fate of the final protagonists? Who is he Han last with? Tang Jing or Luo Zijun? Want to know more about the plot and follow the editor to see the latest plot introduction!

Twenty-eighth episodes

Duan Xiaotian arranges Zijun to attend the product symposium, but the specific process is not taught to Zijun, and Zijun's notes are not accepted in the meeting. Su Manshu is angry because of losing face in front of Party A's Chen Junsheng, and his son Jun goes home to reflect for two days. He Han and Tang Jing have dinner together, and they have let go of their previous suspicions about Vivian. Tang Jing wants he han to propose, but the real problem between the two is not Vivian, but that they don't love each other so much.

Two days later, Zijun returns to the company and tells Su Manshu that Duan Xiaotian deliberately refuses to accept the note. Su Manshu said coldly that Zijun was not professional enough and did not deal with the relationship between superiors and subordinates. At this time, he Han learns that Zijun is wronged and comes to the company to investigate the situation, and tells Su Manshu that Zijun is his friend. Su Manshu is shocked. In order to explain to Chenxing, Duan Xiaotian stopped reflecting for a month. He Han comes to Zijun to apologize. When he Han wants to arrange other positions for Zijun, Zijun doesn't want to be isolated by his colleagues because of his relationship, so he has to accept the assignment himself. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Twenty-ninth episodes

Bai Guang learns that ziqun and ah Hui have smashed the barber shop and put the chanel bag on the hair dye. Zijun calmly takes out the wedding diamond ring to compensate each other. Zijun wants to take ziqun away. The white light in hysteria starts to fight Zijun and he Han stops him. Duan finds Zijun's house and accuses him of seducing Duan Xiaotian. Zijun catches the opportunity to lock the door, but also to pacify the awakened pinger.

Duan's wife ran into the company again and ran into he han to see Zijun. He Han told Mrs. Duan that it was his intention to suspend Duan Xiaotian for a month. Su Manshu then told Mrs. Duan the truth and offered her son as a Bodhisattva. Junsheng beat Duan Xiaotian when he learned the truth. Junsheng tells he Han that he and Ling Ling are together to think of Zijun's good. He Han dare not say that he has moved his heart to Zijun. Zijun didn't have any work arrangement to quit. Su Manshu was so anxious that tears flowed out quickly, and he Han said he agreed. He Han appreciates Zijun's demands on himself and suggests that Zijun take the initiative to learn from the strongest team. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Thirtieth episodes

Tang Jing found polyps in her stomach in Hong Kong. She sent an email to he hanzijun and returned to Shanghai a week later. He Han was in a complicated mood and had a drink all night. Zijun formally joined the most powerful and severe group of Mrs. Wu, who asked Zijun to travel to Hangzhou the next day. Zijun entrusts her child to Xue Zhenzhu, but Xue Zhenzhu goes to see Cui Baojian and throws Ping'er in the hotel. Zijun asks for help from Junsheng, but Junsheng doesn't receive a call. Zijun immediately asks for help from he Han.

At this time, he Han and Junsheng are working out corresponding plans for Phil to change jobs. However, he Han immediately went to see Ping'er after receiving the call from Zijun. He Han learned that Ping'er and Xue Zhenzhu were temporarily sent to Hangzhou for their birthday together with Zijun. When Zijun came back, pinger begged Hehan to blow the birthday candle together and then go away. Hehan stayed again. After he Han left, Xue Zhenzhu saw Zijun's reluctance and told him that all he Han had done was courteous. He Han left at 3 o'clock in the afternoon until he came back at 9 o'clock in the evening. Junsheng did not retain fei'er by any means. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Thirty-first episodes

Feier took Chenxing's customers who had been in the company for more than three years to B T. because of he Han's mistake, the board of directors had to send someone to replace him. Tang Jing comes back to propose directly to he Han. He Han asked Tang Jing to give herself two days to prepare for the proposal. When Aunt Wu and Zijun come back from their business trip, there will be a focus group discussion to deal with immediately. Mrs. Wu gave it to Zijun. Zijun completed the focus group discussion nervously and rigorously, which was appreciated by Mrs. Wu.

After Tang Jing's operation, he Han brings the ring to Tang Jing's hand when she wakes up. When Zijun saw it, he cried sadly. Junsheng learns that he Han left fei'er for pinger's birthday. Junsheng can't help but ask Zijun for proof. Zijun learns that he Han has suffered a huge loss because he gave pinger his birthday. Bai Guang and his son suddenly came to the hotel to find her. The original group also play disappeared, the house rented at home also expired, Bai Guang and his son have no place to live. Xue Zhenzhu calls Zijun. Zijun is asleep and hasn't received it. So Xue Zhenzhu calls he Han. He Han immediately helps. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Thirty-second episodes

Zijun meets he Han on the ground floor of the hotel and feels guilty for the troubles he and his family have caused him for many times. He Han insists on helping her, and they can't help but show their true feelings. Zijun accidentally hears that Su Manshu wants to dismiss him after he Han loses power, but she refuses. After Su Manshu left, aunt Wu found Zijun present. Zijun also learned from Aunt Wu that he Han's birthday with Ping'er had made him feel guilty because he Han was in such a difficult situation.

Addicted to the happiness of getting married, Tang Jing began to learn to do housework with all her strength. She asked he han to call Zijun to have dinner at night. He Han tells Zijun that Bai Guang has settled down with her children and doesn't have to worry about her work. Zijun silently moved he Han's care, but for Tang Jing, she refused to take he Han's car and eat with Tang Jing. Tang Jing, Zijun and he Han have a meal together. Tang Jing suddenly asks him what he Han didn't ask fei'er to do. Zijun claps Tang Jing's back and misunderstands him. He excuses Xue Zhenzhu to leave in a hurry. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Thirty-third episodes

He Han looks for Zijun alone. He doesn't want Zijun to feel guilty about Tangjing. He can confess everything to Tangjing. Zijun quickly denied he Han's proposal and restrained all the feelings and said goodbye to him. Feier enters BT with Chenxing's resources, and there is a private transaction between him and his clients. At this time, he needs the help of the research company to act. When the case falls into the hands of aunt Wu, Zijun knows that he will be expelled by Su Manshu and helps he Han. Mrs. Wu forced her to admit that she liked he Han, and then pointed to Zijun. The investigation office's historical information about this client in Chenxing can ruin fei'er if she knows the problem.

Zijun looks for Junsheng. He wants to call up the historical data of Feier and his client. Tang Jing invites Zijun to be the bridesmaid. They choose wedding dress and dress together. He Han is going to be sent to Beijing. Where is Junsheng going. Zijun got the information from Junsheng and did the homework all night. In the morning, Zijun rushed to Feier's customer company, pretended to be Tang Jing, and spread out the fact that Feier and the previous downstream suppliers were too greasy and the data was fake.