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What's the reason why babies spit for three months

Sihaiwang: many new mothers will find their children have the habit of spitting. As for the problem that babies around 3 months old like to spit, it is not a case in clinical practice. Many parents may encounter it, especially now that their life is good, and they all have children, and parents and old people love their children excessively, which may happen. In order to understand this problem, we must understand the infant's viscera and physiological activities.

The viscera of infants are different from those of adults. Because they just leave the mother's body, the viscera of infants have not been fully developed. Generally, the development of viscera of infants is completed 6 months later. However, if some infants with weak hormone body are encountered, they may develop later.

For the problem that babies love spitting, I think it is mainly related to their diet. Generally, most parents think that children cry because they are hungry, and then they feed milk powder or breast milk to them from time to time. However, due to the incomplete development of their viscera function, they can't bear too much food, so that they can't digest and absorb it after eating, and their gastrointestinal tract is affected There is a phenomenon of self-protection. Some babies not only spit, but also spit.

Modern medicine may think that there is a relationship between spitting and pneumonia in children, but clinical practice shows that if spitting alone is not accompanied by other symptoms, it is mainly due to the problem of diet, which just reminds some Baoma and baonai; it is good to care for children, but excessive love can only bring burden to children, which is likely to cause food injury or delay the development of their viscera function.

As the saying goes, "if you want children to be safe, you have to take three points of hunger and cold.". As a baby, it is good to have the disease of starvation or freezing. Most of the diseases are caused by overheating or overfull. Therefore, I'd like to remind you Baoma that if you encounter children spitting, don't worry. You can think about your diet first. Do you want to give your child excessive food? If you have other symptoms besides spitting, you should go to the pediatric hospital to see a doctor in time. But you must remind parents that they must find those who are experienced and have high medical ethics, otherwise Children will suffer from all kinds of tests.