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Which is the best vivo Z1 or Xiaomi 6x

Sihai mobile phone: as the main line of vivo, compared to the main Internet millet and other brands, has been Tucao for low price high, and recently vivo launched a Xiaolong 660 vivo Z1 phone, the price is 1500 yuan, and the main cost-effective millet make complaints about it. So, which is better, vivo Z1 or Xiaomi 6x? Which is more worth buying?

In terms of appearance, vivo Z1 is similar to glass fuselage effect, while Xiaomi 6x is metal fuselage. There are also big differences in fuselage material and some design details between the two.

From the aspect of appearance comparison, vivo Z1 adopts the popular 19:9 all-around screen with bangs on the front and 3D glare effect back cover. Although the color value is online, the plastic back cover is a little off. Texture and feel are not as good as glass. Xiaomi 6x is relatively conservative in the front and back of the appearance design, and now it's in line with the rules. Compared with the Z1 of the plastic back cover, it's mainly made of metal, so it will feel better. From the perspective of beauty, Z1 is more eye-catching, but Xiaomi 6x is better in material.

In terms of screen, vivo Z1 is limited by cost. Instead of using the same AMOLED screen as X21, it uses a domestic LCD screen with lower cost as Xiaomi 6x. The difference between the two screens is not big, but the size of Z1 is slightly larger.

In terms of performance, vivo Z1, like Xiaomi 6x, is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 660 AIE eight core processor, with similar performance. Rabbit runs about 140000 points, which belongs to the upper middle mainstream performance, and can play all kinds of 3D games.

In terms of photographing, vivo Z1 is equipped with a combination of front 24 million pixels and rear 13 million pixels + 2 million pixels dual cameras, while Xiaomi 6x is equipped with front 20 million pixels and rear 12 million + 20 million pixels dual cameras.

From the perspective of camera specification comparison, the focus of vivo Z1 is mainly self shooting, with higher pixels in front of the camera. Moreover, vivo mobile phone I has always done a good job in self shooting beauty, and can take good photos under backlight. The specifications of the front and rear cameras of Xiaomi 6x are relatively high, while the specifications of the front camera are slightly lower, but the rear camera is higher than the Z1. It can be said that the imaging performance of the rear main camera is better than that of vivo Z1.

In short, vivo Z1 has the advantage of self shooting, while Xiaomi 6x has the advantage of post dual shooting. It can be said that it has its own characteristics, depending on the user's preference.

In terms of endurance, the built-in battery of vivo Z1 is slightly larger, but considering the actual power consumption efficiency, the actual endurance is basically the same as Xiaomi 6x. In terms of fast charging, vivo Z1 is not equipped with fast charging technology due to the impact of cost. Xiaomi 6x supports fast charging, but due to the cost, the attached charger does not support fast charging. If you need to experience fast charging technology, you need to buy it separately.

From the perspective of endurance, both of them actually have some functions that have been cut off, which is mainly reflected in that they do not support fast charging, but Xiaomi 6x is a little excellent, which can be achieved by buying a fast charging charger separately.

In terms of system, vivo Z1 pre installs funtouch OS 4 system based on Android 8.1.0 deep customization, while Xiaomi 6x runs MIUI 9 system based on Android 8.1 deep customization, both of which are based on Android customization, but the UI and customization functions are different.

From the perspective of experience, funtouch OS 4 system is characterized by simple interface, simple system, less pre installed app, no advertising, etc. MIUI 9 has the features of comprehensive functions and high reputation, but the advantage is that the system is relatively bloated, with built-in ads.

From the system point of view, they have their own characteristics. Vivo Z1 is suitable for some friends who don't like the new functions of drum beating mobile phones and don't often upgrade the system. It's simple and has few advertisements. It's very suitable for some sister friends. Xiaomi 6x system is relatively rich and playable, which is suitable for mobile phone friends who play the drums. However, some interfaces in the system are built-in with advertisements, which needs to be contained.

In other ways, vivo Z1 comes with headphones, while Xiaomi 6x doesn't.

In general, Xiaomi 6x still has a small cost-effective advantage over vivo Z1, but this advantage has been relatively small. Vivo Z1 can be said to be the most cost-effective thousand yuan machine of vivo in recent years. It has high-end performance, high color value, excellent selfie experience, and finally has cost-effective, I believe it will also be very competitive. For users, Xiaomi 6x is still the first choice in pursuit of the ultimate cost performance. For some female users, vivo Z1, which has a higher face value and a stronger selfie, may be more attractive.