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Tiktok, what are the 2018 pieces of tiktok?

Tiktok tiktok, which is the most popular in 2018, is shaking. The fire has been flown by a batch of net red. Some of the routine has been fired. Tiktok is also a fire. Some of the pieces of the 2018 voice are very loud. Let's take a look at what we want to know with Xiaobian.

May you have mountains and trees to live in all your life. Enjoy flowers in spring, cool in summer, climb mountains in autumn and sweep snow in winter. May you tread on the sand by the sea, with a good man as your companion. May you look out at the clouds on the top of the mountain, and hold fast to him who is silly. May you meet the fate of hit as you wish, neither early nor late, neither urgent nor slow. May the person you love love love you just the same. May you work hard all your life and be loved all your life.

2. I don't blame you for not accompanying me to the end. I don't blame fate for dismissing our feelings. I just hope you take good care of yourself every day in the future.

3. Since then, I have been searching for flowers and willows, never talking about my life together; since then, I have never wanted to hold anyone's hand in red light and green wine; since then, I have drifted in a sea of people, never talking about my love to the white head.

4. In my whole life, I only borrowed one trip. Since then, there have been a lot of people and no return date. I'll walk well in the future. Take your time and don't look back.

5. The young girl is not talented, has not been favored by the girl, and has been bothering her for a long time. Don't blame the girl. Since then, all the love has stopped at lips and teeth, hiding and time. The girl goes to the south, looks to the north, and doesn't disturb the girl any more. I hope that the girl will be good in the future, meet a good man, and give you joy in the city, with warm colors for the rest of her life.

6. May you be warm in three winters and warm in spring; may you have a lamp in the dark and an umbrella in the rain. May you have loved ones on your way, all your happiness without pretending, and all your life with sincerity and kindness. May time be slow, may old people stay together, may someone accompany you, may those you miss say good morning to you, and may you not feel lonely when you are alone. May you walk through three realms and six paths, and see through the good and the bad. From then on, happiness comes from the heart, and all of you are at ease.

7. The girl is guilty. The sin lies in your smile. One line at a time leads my feelings, girl, you know!

8. As the wind blows, everything swings with it. I always feel that my love for you must have blown your heart in a moment.

9. People's life is to meet, goodbye, meet again, a different choice, may be completely different people around you. So don't miss the hardest heart at the best age.

10. There is no reason, but I think you are good-looking. When you smell sweet, you will be happy. If you come more, I will be more happy for a while.

11. Never forget the root of a tall building. Never forget your kindness if you are brilliant.

12. I think it's very difficult to meet a person. It's just a person that you like and is quite suitable. So I just advise young people now not to let go of their partner's hand easily. Sometimes we stick to it, maybe two people will get better and better slowly.

13. That year, he left his daughter's country. She cried and laughed in front of all the officials and shouted to his back, "Tang Xuanzang, how about marrying me in the next life? '. In the setting sun, white riding horses. His face was invisible in the sandstorm. Monks don't speak, only the noise of the wind... This year. He was silent. Thousands of Buddhas chant sutras, thousands of dynasties.. When he left, he only smiled and left a strange 'OK! '.

14. Those who leave you, no matter what reason they left at the beginning, may have hesitated and struggled, but at least at the moment when he decided to go, he felt that he would have a better life without you

15. I'll let you know. I don't like waiting. I just like you

16. I am a vegetarian from today, because you are my dish

17. Today, on behalf of all girls, I ask all boys a question. If your ex girlfriend and present girlfriend fall into the water at the same time, can you be my boyfriend!

18. The old man's hand burns the throat's wine, the dog that the man spits on, maybe you will also appear at the intersection of no one and say a sentence waiting for a long time

19. In this short life, we will eventually lose. You may as well be bold, love a person, climb a mountain, pursue a dream.

20. May you run away for half your life and come back young

21. The loneliest thing is not to go shopping alone, eat alone and go to bed alone, but to do anything that you can think of is no longer around. It's luxury to say a word.

22. What do you want me to do to say that you can love me? I need to sing a few songs to capture you.

23. Others asked me why I didn't go to work, because our cattle, sheep, no one put them!

24. Well, I often tell you that you are a piece of candy in my mouth.

25. I'm more and more afraid to find you because your indifference starts to make me feel that initiative is so cheap

26. You are a rain in my age of low water. You come here heartily. I can't get sick.

27. Why don't you ask me? Talented people who are ugly, handsome people who earn less money, those who earn more money don't care about their family, those who care too much about their family don't have a chance, those who have a chance are not romantic and can't be relied on romantically. It's impossible to find them!

28. The city is windy and lonely people always come home late.

29. I like you, like a gentle breeze, like a warm sun, like a mountain stream, like a bridge, like you.

30. Beautiful man, do you have a boyfriend? If not, do you mind having one? If so, do you mind changing one? Do not change, do you mind having one more?

31. I have no time to participate in your past. I will accompany you to the end in your future.

32. I would like to be a bright light in the night to light your way home; I would like to be a tree in the forest to cover the hot sun for you; I would like to be a star in your starry sky to blow away loneliness for you; I would like to be a dust in the air that can be inseparable from you.

33. Smoking is only smoking. He loves one person all his life.

34. The agreed one for one person and one for two, but you fail to win others' arms.

35. I like to write a little ordinary sentences and a little lovely love letters. I want to write my own feelings here and show you my love for you.

36. Thousands of changes in the world, in my heart, you have not changed.

37. If a thousand people pass by me, I can also hear your footsteps, because 999 people only step on the ground, only you step on my heart.

38. You come here after crossing several mountains and rivers

39. Don't talk about the future, but dream about the future, because the years can't always look back, and we can't share the same white head with you.

40. The scenery along the way is not forgotten. I don't think of you and hate you making your own decisions to keep the past for pedestrians.