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May 29, 2018 Tulun cup U21 Chinese men's football vs Qatar video replay and war report

At 23:00 on May 29, the second round of the 2018 Toulon Cup group match continued, and the U21 national football team played Qatar. In the first half, Wu Wei's backcourt pass was broken by alganesi and Feng Boxuan hit the post. In the second half, the Chinese team missed the opportunity of equalizing for many times, and the point shot was absolutely flat in the period of Cong Zhen's compensation. Finally, the U21 national football team will play Qatar 1-1 and Mexico in the final round.

Full video playback:

[full set] toulun Cup - Feng Boxuan's center post shocked the U21 national football team and scored 1-1 in Qatar (

[goal Video] absolutely flat! Xie Weijun's point shooting in the restricted area equalised the score ( HTML)

[goal Video] Wu Wei stops the ball and creates disaster! Ahmed shakes the door to break ( HTML)

[continuous attack] attack! Two consecutive attacks in Yan Dinghao's forbidden area are hard to break Qatar city gate ( HTML)

In the first match, the U21 national football team was defeated 1-2 by England, but Qatar lost 4-1 to Mexico. In terms of starting, Yan Dinghao, who scored one goal on the field, continued to start, with Feng Boxuan and Congzhen in the middle of the field.

The second minute Qatar backcourt long pass, fan Jinming attack the ball out. In the sixth minute, the Chinese team was broken and failed to hit the goal when they got rid of the restricted area of Yan Dinghao.

In the 7th minute, Qatar's goalkeeper stopped the ball a little, but baderdin quickly cleared the ball. The 8th minute Qatar forbidden area after a continuous breakthrough in the cross by the Chinese team to clear the ball in time. Then the camera also gives Sun Jihai, the commander of the field.

The Chinese team won the free kick on the left side in 14 minutes, and then both feet of the Chinese team were blocked, and Wen Jiabao hit the goal again higher than the crossbeam.

In 15 minutes, almurisi fired the ball against offside, and Wu Wei cleared the ball in front of the goal. Qatar takes the lead in 16 minutes, Wu Wei's long pass is broken, and then alganesi shakes the door to push and shoot, 0-1, Qatar takes the lead.

When palang steals Liu Boyang in the front court, fan Jinming calmly throws the ball down. 21 minutes Guo Jing didn't kick out of the backcourt, palang broke into the forbidden area and was blocked out by fan Jinming.

In 22 minutes, the Chinese team was first cleared by the other side in the right cross. Qatar was blocked by fan Jinming in 24 minutes. 27 minutes the national football missed a good opportunity, after the left-wing cross Gao Huaze shovel shot failed to play the ball. One minute later, Liu Yue scored the ball in the penalty area, and alhama got the ball out first.

Liu Yue transferred in 29 minutes, Feng Boxuan made a pass on the right side, Gao Huaze adjusted too much in the restricted area and missed the chance to play. In 34 minutes, abdulsalam jumped to the baseline to cross the ball and took the lead to fly out of the baseline.

In 37 minutes, Feng Boxuan's volley in the forbidden area was hit by the first block of the opposing guard, and then Yan Dinghao's make-up shot was confiscated by the opposing goalkeeper. At the end of the first half after three minutes' stoppage, U21 was 1-0 behind Qatar.

Yi Bian wins the free kick after another 44 minutes of Tong Lei's right breakthrough, but the other side clears the ball in the first spot. After 49 minutes of yandinghao's attack in the front court, he swung the door in the forbidden area and slightly deviated from the far post.

In the 54 minute right cross of China team, Wang Jinze was blocked out of the baseline. In 60 minutes, the Chinese team started the free kick in the front court. After the ball was stopped in Yan Dinghao's forbidden area, the strafing was blocked by the goalkeeper.

63 minutes Chinese team right cross, Xie Weijun header over the bar. In 67 minutes, China won the free kick in the front court, then Cong Zhen opened to the forbidden area and was confiscated by the other side.

Zhang Lingfeng's long-range shooting was blocked by the opponent in 73 minutes. Qatar opened the free kick on the right in 76 minutes, and fan Jinming confiscated the header of the opponent. In 80 minutes, the Chinese team hoisted the free kick to the forbidden area, and the other side cleared the ball in the second point.

In the fourth minute, shavi was knocked down by the opponent in the forbidden area to win the penalty, then the main penalty of Congzhen hit, 1-1! 4 minutes later, the whole game ended, and finally U21 national football 1-1 Qatar.

National football U21 team: 1-fan Jinming; 4-wen Jiabao, 20-wu Wei (20 & rsquo; 3-guo Jing), 18-tong Lei, 5-liu Boyang; 6-liu Yue, 9-gao Huaze (69 & rsquo; 8-zhang Lingfeng), 7-congzhen, 17-feng Boxuan (51 & rsquo; 11-xie Weijun); 19-wang Jinze, 13-yan Dinghao (69 & rsquo; 16-liu Yi)

Substitute: 23 Zhang Yan, 2 Yang Shuai, 12 Jiang minwen, 14 Deng yubiao

Qatar U19's lineup: 1-baderdin, 2-baksha, 19-alhama, 15-ayette, 3-alminhari, 10-muhammad, 17-al-ahmed, 8-abdulsalam (72 & rsquo; 9-abdulisag), 11-almurisi (50 & rsquo; 16-hashim), 7-palang, 20-alganesi (92 & rsquo; 25-musa)

Substitutes not available: 22 - shehabi, 4 - Abdullah, 5 - Farahat, 6 - Ali azdi, 12 - homam, 21 - kalami