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Address of the 2nd round of French Open women's singles in 2018

Beijing time on May 30, 2018 French Open announced the fourth day of the competition schedule. In the singles competition, popular players such as Djokovic, Harlem, Wozniacki, zvilev and kovitova will appear, and Wang Qiang will play in the third round of the women's singles. In the first round of the women's doubles, Peng Shuai, Zhang Shuai, Yang Zhaoxuan, Duan YingYing and williams came on the stage.

Live time: 17:00, May 30

Live address: Id=181180

Wang Qiang's first round victory over Williams is undoubtedly one of the biggest standouts in French Open, and it has also opened up a good foundation for her to move on. Maldives ranked 35th in the world, taking the other golden flower Wang Yafan in the first round, with strong competitiveness in the laterite. The first match between the two, the Croat odds are dominant, Wang Qiang keep playing words also have the possibility of promotion.