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What's the name of Wenwan? Where is Wenwan? How old is Wenwan

Sihai: ​ ​ Wen Wan, Xu Jingwan, is called Xu Jingwan. According to Wen Wan's personal data, Wen Wan is a native of Hong Kong, and is 17 years old. But tiktok is not able to see such a mature dress as a minor. According to netizens, Wenwan dropped out of school at the age of 17. He often went to the pub with his clothes selling partner. He was a second-generation rich man and changed into three or four boyfriends. His private life was chaotic. He was given the gift of showing off his wealth every day. However, at present, these revelations have not been confirmed. After becoming popular, many black materials have been exploded, which makes people feel a little confused.

What is the name of Wenwan Weibo account

Microblog account: xiaojingwan_

Tremble account: tiktok (17276523)

Real name: Xu jingwan

Native place: Henan people

Constellation: Taurus

Tiktok tiktok love many little sister, but it is very mild and mild by virtue of a very ordinary action of the dancing and dancing, it has gained tens of millions of points, and became the goddess of shaking. Many indoorsman have changed their lock screen wallpaper into a mild one. More netizens have claimed that they broke up with their boyfriend because their boyfriend was crazy about being fond of being gentle, which is too exaggerated.

In the eyes of many girls, Wenwan is a very common red face on the Internet. It's not surprising that it's a hype when it's popular. There's a pusher behind the suspicion. But boys generally think that it's more charming to laugh and the video of 'gucciprada' has a magic power, which can attract people to watch it countless times a day without getting tired of it.

Although the gentle popularity makes many people envious, but at the same time, all kinds of black history pickpockets and explosives can not stop. The contribution of netizens is more than 17 years old, and there is no serious school experience. Most of the time, the wine bar is close to the big money, and several of her friends are almost this way of life. Some netizens have reported that the gentle friends even praised the gentle micro blog with pickpockets a few days ago, which is also quite plastic.

All of the above are compiled by Xiaobian according to the netizen's information. They look at the gentle micro blog, that is, the very ordinary girl show, one show, one show, one show, one show, one show, one show, one show, one show, one show, one show, one show. If the information is true, it really makes people think that the world's online red is one, and all the routines are the same! How do you look at Wenwan?