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Why can't a snake cut its head Recently, a woman in the United States found a poisonous snake in her own home. She cut off her head with scissors in a hurry. However, a miracle happened. The poisonous snake didn't die to save people, and it was still under attack. Why can't the poisonous snake die when its head is cut off? Let's take a look at it!

A mother in Texas recently found a poisonous snake in her garden. She had no knife on her hand, so she cut off the snake's head with a tree in a hurry. After that, the Viper was still writhing on the ground and seemed to open its mouth to attack.

It happened in a residential area in Sunnyvale when two little girls found a poisonous water viper (cottonmouth snake) in a flowerpot, and someone killed it with a tree cutter. It can be seen from the clip that the broken snake head twists and even opens its mouth to make a suspected attack.

Jill Scott mollett, the mother, uploaded the clip to Facebook, but some people complained that they should not kill the viper; some netizens supported it, saying that the Viper was dangerous and should be considerate.

Experts also pointed out that snake venom is all gathered in the head of the snake. After the death of the snake, its nerve will not die immediately, and it will still be aggressive. And through many experiments, the snake has the revenge psychology. When people get close, the snake head can feel the change of the external temperature, so as to attack people. The venom of a completely dead snake will remain for a long time. If it is accidentally encountered, it may cause septicemia, which is why the snake burns after beheading.