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China's men's volleyball team lost 3-0 to the United States in the third round of world men's Volley

In the third round match of 2018 World Men's Volleyball League in Ningbo, the young Chinese men's volleyball team led by Argentine foreign teacher rosano played tenaciously, many new players got exercise, but still lost 0-3 to the US men's volleyball team, the world's second place Olympic champion.

Although the world-class stars Anderson, Christensen and other main players failed to participate in the competition, the overall strength of the American men's volleyball team is higher than that of the Chinese team, and now it ranks the second in the world. Moreover, the main attacker, sander, once worked in the BAIC men's volleyball team and knows the Chinese men's volleyball very well. As Jiangchuan from Beijing made a world-class amazing performance in the last 3-0 victory over Argentina, the American men's volleyball team attached great importance to blocking Jiangchuan, which put Jiangchuan under great pressure. This made the Chinese men's volleyball team somewhat passive, and the American men's volleyball team with dominant details won the first game 25-20.

Lotsano's personnel are flexible and changeable. Zhang Jingyin, the 18-year-old 2.07-meter-tall main attacker, also has many opportunities to play. The tall secondary attack line composed of Rao Shuhan and Miao Ruan Tong also has a good performance, with the Chinese team catching up to 20 Ping all the way. The morale of Chinese men's volleyball team beat by 23-21, setting off a cheering upsurge of Chinese fans on site. Jiangchuan adjusted the attack to lead 24-23, but Sander's serve was very stable and aggressive, and the United States won the second set 26-24.

The U.S. team as a whole has a strong offensive service, effective blocking accuracy, and the Chinese team is 1-3 behind in the start of the third game. Jiangchuan's constant counterattack and breakthrough made the Chinese team catch up to 7-10. Miao Ruan Tong's serve broke the attack and the Chinese team made it 11-13. Jiangchuan violent adjustment attack 14 to 15, and the United States team as a whole attack block hit a high level, thus 20 to 14 to establish the advantage. Then, the US men's volleyball team won the third set 25-18.

Although the Chinese men's volleyball team lost to the strong American men's volleyball team, the previous 2-3 loss to Bulgaria and the 3-0 win to Argentina were remarkable. Objectively speaking, the Chinese men's volleyball team under the command of lotsano is young and full of youth and vitality, and has played the light of hope for the future.