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How many days is the 2018 Dragon Boat Festival off? Is the 2018 Dragon Boat Festival freeway free Dragon Boat Festival is a legal holiday. There are three days of small and long holidays, so many people may choose to travel by car. Is 2018 Dragon Boat Festival free at high speed? Free schedule of 2018 Dragon Boat Festival Expressway

Is the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Express free in 2018? Do you enjoy high-speed free energy saving at Dragon Boat Festival 2018?

Dragon Boat Festival expressway is not free. Although Dragon Boat Festival is a statutory holiday, not all highways will be free on statutory holidays. Dragon Boat Festival is not in the expressway free holidays.

On July 24, 2012, the State Council issued the implementation plan for the exemption of minibus tolls on major holidays. According to the plan, the free passage time is four national legal holidays such as Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, labor day and national day, as well as the above-mentioned legal holidays determined by the general office of the State Council in that year. The free passage vehicles are the passenger vehicles with less than 7 SEATS (including 7 seats) running on the toll road, including the motorcycles allowed to run on the ordinary toll road; The scope of toll roads for free passage shall be toll roads (including toll bridges and tunnels) approved and set up in accordance with the provisions of the highway law and the regulations on the administration of toll roads.

The Dragon Boat Festival is not included in the four statutory high-speed free holidays, so the high-speed is not free. The four statutory high-speed free holidays stipulated by the state are: the Spring Festival, the May 1st Labor Day of Qingming and the 11th National Day.

Dragon Boat Festival: it's off on June 18, and it's continuous with the weekend.

June 18 (Monday, Dragon Boat Festival) is a national legal holiday

Work on Tuesday, June 19.

Reminder: Dragon Boat Festival is not a high-speed free Festival, so driving at high-speed is not free during this period.