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Is HFMD serious? How to deal with HFMD with recurrent fever

Four seas network: hand foot mouth disease is a common disease of infants. HFMD can occur all year round. HFMD is often accompanied by fever. Although it is quite common, it must not be ignored. How does hand foot mouth disease have a fever to do? How to deal with recurrent fever of HFMD? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

How to deal with HFMD fever

If there is air conditioner in the house, keep the room temperature between 25-27 ℃. Children can be placed in an air-conditioned room or blown around with an electric fan, so that the temperature drops slowly, so that children will feel more comfortable. But if its limbs are cold and shivering, it means that it needs to be warm, so it needs to be covered with a blanket.

2. Take off too much clothes

If the baby's limbs, hands and feet are warm and sweating all over the body, it means that he needs to cool down, and he can wear less clothes.

3. Warm water bath

Untie the baby's clothes, rub it up and down with warm water (37 ℃) towel, so that the blood vessels of the baby's skin can expand and release the body Qi. In addition, when the water vapor evaporates from the body surface, it will absorb the body heat.

4. Sleeping ice pillow

It is helpful for heat dissipation, but it is not recommended for smaller children. Because children are not easy to rotate their bodies, the ice pillow is easy to cause local supercooling or hypothermia. It is also OK to use the decal. When the water in the glue of the decal vaporizes, it can take away the heat without over cooling.

5. Drink more water

To help sweating and prevent dehydration. Water has the function of regulating temperature, reducing body temperature and replenishing water loss in baby.

6. Hospital visits

If you have a fever, you'd better find a doctor. When the baby's central temperature (Anal temperature or ear temperature) exceeds 38.5 ℃, it is necessary to take the baby to the hospital for medical treatment. Generally, if the temperature is below 38, you don't need to reduce the fever.

How to care for HFMD in family

1. Children with mild illness do not need to be hospitalized. They should be treated at home and rest to reduce cross infection.

2. We should always open windows and ventilate the house. We should do a good job in the sanitation of the environment, the personal hygiene of the children and the hygiene of the food. This is closely related to the infection.

3. Don't take children to public places with complex personnel or places with no ventilation. Usually, try to let the baby stay at home, avoid going to public places with many people or close contact with healthy children; until the heat, rash subsides and blisters scab, it usually needs to be isolated for 2 weeks.

4. The baby's clothes and bedding should be clean, wide and soft, and often replaced; the baby's nails should be cut short, and if necessary, the baby's hands should be wrapped to prevent skin rash from being scratched; the baby with skin rash on the buttocks should clean the baby's stool at any time, and keep the buttocks clean and dry. The baby's hand, foot and mouth disease is generally low or moderate heat, which can make the baby drink more water. If the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ℃, take antipyretics under the guidance of doctors; in case of nausea, vomiting, fidgety, fever, change of mental state, drowsiness, anorexia, etc., go to the hospital in time for treatment.

5. The baby may not want to eat because of fever and oral herpes, so the diet should be light, delicious and easy to digest. When there is erosion in the oral cavity, he should eat some liquid food. Fast cold, spicy, salty and other stimulating food. It is not suitable to overeat, and to eat more light, fresh and digestible food to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Rinse your mouth with warm water after each meal. When there is erosion in your mouth, you can apply cod liver oil to relieve the pain and promote the early healing of erosion.

How to deal with recurrent fever of HFMD

Fever lower than 38.5: physical cooling

The first symptom of HFMD is fever. If the temperature is lower than 38.5, the mother can feel the forehead and body of the baby. If the temperature is lower than 38.5, she can cool down physically first, and wipe the neck, armpit, thigh root and other places that are easy to dissipate heat with dry towel.

Fever over 38.5: antipyretic

If your baby has a fever of more than 38.5, you can take antipyretics to let your baby drink more water and rest more. It is necessary to go to the hospital to consult the doctor.

Fever of baby's hand, foot and mouth disease: watch out for complications. The body temperature of baby's hand, foot and mouth disease can fall to normal within 2-3 days. If it doesn't recover, watch out for complications, such as encephalitis, meningitis, myocarditis, pneumonia, etc. if it's not treated in time, it may endanger life.

Fever of hand, foot and mouth disease of baby is persistent, high fever: need infusion

The baby's hand, foot and mouth disease has a fever and keeps high fever. It is worried that the baby will lose too much water due to the continuous high fever, so it needs infusion treatment. It is recommended to continue to drip some antiviral drugs to the baby. The clothes will be exposed to the sun, and the milk machine can be disinfected with water of more than 70 degrees