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How to solve the problem of stuffy nose quickly Generally speaking, when normal people are in good health, they will breathe normally and will not have a stuffy nose. However, occasionally sleeping, or a cold, rhinitis will cause the nose. This kind of stuffy nose is hard to breathe. People can't help thinking, is there the fastest way to let the nose breathe?

The fastest way to ventilate the nose is roughly divided into the following categories.

1. Aeolian essence, cool oil

Fengyoujing and qingliangyou are very effective in treating headache and refreshing. They are also effective for nasal congestion. Put a little cool oil or essential balm on the belly of the finger, put it under the stuffy nostril and inhale deeply. Sneeze a few times and you'll soon be able to breathe.

2. Mustard.

Mustard is a very spicy and refreshing condiment. It is especially used as a condiment when eating sashimi or raw beef. When you have a cold or rhinitis with a stuffy nose, you can eat a little mustard. Mustard can break your blocked nose quickly and powerfully. It's very comfortable.

3. Eat garlic raw

Garlic is also a strong blunt food, it is generally used as a supplementary material when cooking. Eat half of garlic raw, can also quickly open the blocked nose, has an exciting effect on breathing. So as to reduce the nasal congestion and help you breathe more smoothly.

4, white vinegar

White vinegar can also be used to prevent the ancestors from ventilating. Put the white vinegar into the pot and steam for a while. White vinegar opened, carefully kissed for a while, smelling vinegar steam water. The sour and sour taste of the nose can quickly reopen your blocked nose and achieve the effect of detoxification, sterilization and cold prevention.

5. Sleeping on one's side

When one side of the nose is blocked, lie on the other side. The nose should be flush with the horizontal line, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the ventilation effect. In this way, you can sleep for about half a minute, and your stuffy nose will become airy.

6. Artemisia argyi

Wormwood in traditional Chinese medicine is also very effective for the non ventilation of the ancestors. Rub the leaves of wormwood into small strips and put them into the nostrils, and they will be able to ventilate in a short time. Its special smell and ingredients can stimulate the nose, and then alleviate the symptoms of nasal congestion.

7, medicine

There are other drugs for nasal congestion in drugstores, but you need to choose carefully.

In fact, if you have rhinitis for a long time, resulting in blocked nose, it is recommended to see a doctor for treatment of rhinitis. Usually eat less spicy food, pay attention not to use a lot of cotton wadding clothes, and pay attention not to go to places with too much dust.