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What's the matter with yellowing of tongue coating? How to regulate the yellowing of tongue coating

Sihaiwang: do you know? People can reflect their body problems through the change of tongue coating. The performance of tongue coating is different. If their tongue coating often turns yellow, what causes it? What should we do if our tongue turns yellow in our life? What good method can recuperate? If you still know that friends let Xiaobian explain it to you!

1、 What is the cause of the yellow tongue coating recently

The yellow color of the tongue coating indicates that your body has heat pathogen. If it is serious, there will be various diseases. The yellow color of the tongue coating is a sign of a cold. The yellow color of the tongue coating indicates that the heat in your body is heavier. The light yellow color is slight heat, and the deep yellow color of the tongue coating indicates that the internal heat is very serious.

You know what? Yellow moss is different from light yellow, light yellow, deep yellow and burnt yellow. Generally speaking, the darker the yellow fur is, the heavier the heat evil will be. Light yellow is slight heat; light yellow is more serious; deep yellow is more serious; scorched yellow is hot knot; yellow is dry and heat injures body fluid; yellow and greasy is damp heat.

2、 What's the matter with thick yellow tongue coating

1. The yellow color of the tongue coating indicates that you have internal heat. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is due to the gas produced by the mixing of stomach qi and the taste of food.

2. Tongue coating thick and accompanied by breath, which means that your gastrointestinal problems, how to find no other physical problems, then we need to adjust the daily diet, eat more easily digested food.

Eat less greasy food, daily diet should be light, eat less fried, spicy food.

3. The tongue coating is thick and yellow. It is necessary to check whether there will be greasy. Greasy refers to the feeling of greasy. If it does, it means that the body is hot and humid. You should take some food or medicine to remove the heat and moisture

4. If only the tongue coating is thick and yellow, and the disease is not accompanied by other greasy feelings, it means that the body heat is serious, so the diet should be light, non-smoking, non drinking. It will be back to normal soon.

3、 Look at the tongue coating and nourish the tongue image

A crack in the tongue

There are also many 'Cracks' on the surface of the tongue, most of which have no tongue coating, which is called' cracked tongue '. If there is no discomfort, it is also physiological and does not need treatment. If there is a cracked tongue after a serious disease, the tongue is red and does not have coating, and there is discomfort, it is also Yin deficiency, which needs to be treated with drugs.

Teeth on the tongue

Some people have large body and fat tongue. There are teeth marks on the edge of the tongue. The tongue coating is thin and white. If there is no obvious discomfort, it is too fat. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, fat people have phlegm and dampness.

Fat people's spleen and stomach transport function is relatively insufficient, and the digestion and absorption of food are easy to appear obstacles. These people should eat less greasy and indigestible food, more vegetables, fruits and light food, and exercise properly.

If the coating of the tongue is white and thick, there are teeth marks on the edge of the tongue, and you don't want to eat, your stomach is full, and your stool is thin, it belongs to excessive phlegm and dampness. You should cooperate with drug treatment when you enter light and digestible food.

Red tongue, thick moss, constipation

Some people don't understand defecation for several days. They have bad breath, thick tongue coating, sharp red tongue edge, and yellow urine. This is a hot stomach. The stomach is full of heat, and the turbid Qi goes up against the wind, fumigating the tongue, so halitosis occurs.