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Can pregnant women eat mango? What if pregnant women are allergic to mango

Sihaiwang: mango has juicy pulp, which can quench thirst and promote fluid production. Mango also has the effect of stopping vomiting. It can alleviate the symptoms of carsick and vomit, and also improve the symptoms of pregnant women's early pregnancy. Mango is also rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help defecate, so mango has a certain prevention and treatment effect on constipation during pregnancy, so pregnant women can eat mango. So how do pregnant women eat mango allergy? Let's have a look!

Can pregnant women eat Kate mango

Yes, not allergic constitution.

The flesh of mango is juicy, which can quench thirst and nourish body fluid. Moreover, mango has the effect of antiemetic, which can improve the pregnant women 's vomiting symptoms in the early pregnancy. Mango is also rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help defecate, so mango has a certain preventive effect on constipation during pregnancy. However, mango contains some ingredients that are easy to cause human allergy. People with allergic constitution will get "Mango dermatitis" after contacting with mango, resulting in skin itching, rash and other symptoms. Therefore, pregnant women with allergic constitution cannot eat mango.

What should pregnant women do if they are allergic to Kate mango

If you are allergic to mango, you can wash it with ice water. First of all, ice water can wash off some mango juice left on your skin that is easy to cause allergy. Then we will have redness, swelling and itching after mango allergy. There are also some burning and burning feelings. When you wash with ice water, you can calm your skin, reduce the redness, swelling and burning, and have a good antipruritic effect.

If the situation is serious, it is better to take anti allergic drugs for treatment, and at the same time, keep away from the allergens.

It is recommended to take anti allergic drugs and vitamin C for treatment, to strengthen the constitution, increase the resistance, do not eat stimulating food, which is good for the recovery of the body.

Nutritional value of Kate mango

Panzhihua mango is a famous tropical fruit. It is rich in vitamin C and carotene. It is edible, juicy, tasty and smooth. Because of a large amount of sunshine, you can enjoy the taste of sunshine without leaving home;

In addition, it can also be used to make cans, jam or salt for seasoning, or to make wine; the peel can be used as medicine, which can prevent people crossing the sea from retching; the core can be used to relieve wind and cough. Leaves and bark can be used as yellow dyes. The wood is hard and resistant to sea water. It can be used as a boat car or furniture. The crown of the tree is spherical, evergreen, with large canopy density. It is a good garden and street tree in the tropics, so there are rows of mango trees on both sides of the road in Panzhihua City.

Kate mango trees are strong. It accounts for more than half of the total output value of Panzhihua mango and has a very high position in the hearts of many consumers. The fruit is oval, the skin is light green and sunny, the shoulder is light red, the average weight of a single fruit is 680g, the skin is thin, the core is small and the flesh is thick, the flesh is orange, the sugar content is 17%, the late mature species, the mature period is from August to mid November.