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Can pineapple peel absorb the peculiar smell of decoration? What are the functions of pineapple peel

Pineapple is a very popular fruit in summer. And there are many ways to eat pineapple. In fact, many people don't know that pineapple peel can't be eaten, but it has many other functions. Let's have a look together!

Can pineapple peel absorb formaldehyde

No, the fruit fragrance of pineapple peel just covers up the smell of formaldehyde, making the decoration smell not so bad.

There is no scientific basis for using pineapple peel to eliminate formaldehyde, but the fragrance can help to eliminate the smell of the house after decoration because of formaldehyde and other factors, such as very hot eyes, the air is not fresh and so on. The solutions are: 1. Ventilation, vacant for a period of time. 2. Put rotten apples and activated carbon in the room, the effect is very good. 3. You can find a cleaning company that specializes in formaldehyde. 4. Put some flowers and plants to absorb formaldehyde, but the flowers and plants will be sacrificed. 5. The best way is to keep it for 3 months and let formaldehyde volatilize.

Can pineapple peel absorb decoration odor

Not completely removed. Pineapple, grapefruit peel, onion, etc. are placed in the newly decorated room or the whole room is fumigated with white vinegar. These are all soil methods, which are great mistakes, because this is just to cover up and mix the pollution sources, rather than clean them up. In fact, the pollution will be more dangerous, making people unconsciously absorb various harmful compounds, causing great harm to human body.

In the day after decoration, we should often open windows and ventilate to make the formaldehyde in the room disperse as soon as possible. We can raise some plants. The plants have a little effect on absorbing formaldehyde, but we will feel comfortable when we look at them. At the same time, we can use some materials like Maya blue, photocatalyst and activated carbon as good formaldehyde adsorbents. Their materials have many tiny pores, so they can absorb many Formaldehyde, activated carbon adsorption to a certain extent will be saturated, the effect will be poor, but it is cheap.

Effect and function of pineapple peel

Pineapple skin is the outer skin of pineapple, and pineapple is planted in Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places in China. Pineapple peel contains nutrients similar to the basic components of the pulp. It can not only be used as an air freshener, but also as a medicinal material, which has the effect of relieving cough and dysentery.

1. Pineapple peel is a good material for removing peculiar smell. You can put pineapple peel in the room just after decoration. At this time, pineapple peel will play its role. Some harmful substances can be absorbed by it, and the peculiar smell in refrigerator can also be removed by pineapple peel, and pineapple fragrance can be left. It is sweet and smells better than any artificial fragrance Smell more, have the effect of soothing mood.

2. Cough and dysentery. According to the records of Chinese Materia Medica, pineapple peel can be dried in the sun and can be used as medicine. Indications: detoxification, cough and dysentery. Usage and dosage: take 9-15g Decoction for internal use.

3. It can promote blood circulation. In addition, the content of bromelain in pineapple peel is twice that of pulp. It can decompose protein, help digestion, dissolve fibrin and blood clot blocked in tissue, improve local blood circulation, dilute blood fat, eliminate inflammation and edema, and promote blood circulation.

4. Protecting the stomach and anti-cancer pineapple peel can protect the stomach. In addition to being rich in food fiber and vitamin C, pineapple peel (excluding the prickly part outside), pineapple protease in pineapple peel can decompose food, clear the dead tissue in the digestive tract, and has the effect of protecting the stomach and anti-cancer.