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How to remove toilet dirt easily and effectively we use the toilet every day at home, but many people will ignore the cleaning of the toilet. At first glance, it looks white, but in fact, the toilet dirt is very difficult to remove. So how can toilet dirt be easily and effectively removed? Today, I'd like to share these seven tips with you. You don't have to worry about the dirty toilet at home any more.

How to remove toilet dirt

Now there are fewer and fewer people installing squatting pit in the toilet, but they choose the toilet. One is to reduce the pressure of squatting, the other is to make it more sanitary. But the toilet also needs to be cleaned frequently. Sometimes, after long use, the toilet dirt will be very thick, which makes people have a headache. Then how to remove the toilet dirt? Let's take a look at the effective methods and tricks shared by Xiaobian, and learn to solve them easily.

Use sandpaper to remove the toilet dirt: you can find some finer sandpaper to rub to remove the toilet dirt. This method can remove the toilet dirt that cannot be removed by the cleaner.

2. Vinegar to remove toilet dirt: get vinegar from the kitchen and mix it with water. After soaking for half a day, the toilet dirt can be easily removed.

3. Bleach solution to remove toilet dirt: first wipe it with bleach solution, and then rinse it with water.

4. Self made small brush to remove the toilet dirt: the toilet generates yellow dirt, which is difficult to clean with a brush. The waste nylon socks can be tied to one end of the stick, and washed with foaming detergent, once a month, to keep the toilet white.

5. Detergent to remove toilet dirt: first put proper amount of water into the toilet, wash it with toilet brush once, then pour 5-10ml detergent or hydrochloric acid solution into the toilet, and brush it evenly. If the dirt is heavy, you can pour a little cleaner to soak it and then brush it until it is clean. Hydrochloric acid is very corrosive. If you wash it with hydrochloric acid, pay attention to safety and do not splash it on the skin.

6. Smart use of shampoo to remove toilet dirt: many people are afraid that toilet cleaners such as hydrochloric acid will harm children, so they dare not let children learn to clean toilets. In fact, most of the toilet cleaners on the market are neutral at present; if you don't rest assured, in fact, shampoo is enough to clean the dirty toilet. In this way, parents can let children learn to do clean housework. The method of use is the same as that of washing toilets. Shampoo and dry will produce foam after mixing, and the scour of the fragrant children will also be very good.

7. Use coke to remove the toilet dirt: it's a pity that the coke left after drinking can be poured into the toilet. After soaking for about one hour, the dirt can be generally removed. If not completely removed, it can be further removed by brush.