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Chinese women's volleyball team beat Thailand 3-1 in Macau World Women's Volleyball League

Chinese women's volleyball team beat Thailand 3-1 in Macau World Women's Volleyball League on the evening of May 23, the second round of competition was held in Macao of 2018 World Women's Volleyball League. In the face of Thailand, an old opponent from Asia, the Chinese women's volleyball team had a good grasp of key points and won the first win of the competition with 3-1 strength.

The day before yesterday against Poland, Li Yingying, the Chinese team's main attacker, scored the team's highest 19 points, but made many mistakes and was criticized by coach Lang Ping after the game. Li Yingying didn't start the competition. Xue Ming, a CCTV commentator, thought it was a protection for her. Duan Fang and Liu Xiaotong are the starting partners of the Chinese team. Hu Mingyuan and Yan Ni are the second attackers. Wang Mengjie, the free man, takes over Yang Fangxu and passes on Ding Xia.

In the first game, the Chinese team was 11-16 behind, and at the end of the game, they won 25-23. In the second set, the Chinese team was behind 19-22 and finished the reversal 26-24. In the third inning, the Chinese team was 8 points behind at one time. Although they were struggling to catch up to 22-23, they still lost 22-25. In the fourth game, China won 25-17 and defeated Thailand 3-1.

Liu Xiaotong, captain of the Chinese team, scored 17 points, duanfang and Hu Mingyuan won 15 points and Yang Fangxu contributed 10 points. Hu Mingyuan's performance is particularly surprising. Although she is only 1.87 in height, she moves very fast, with fast back, fast front, short flat and poor time. After the match, director Lang also praised and said: 'Hu Mingyuan played well, fast break is her characteristic, from the perspective of the Chinese team, her play today is very important. '

Another match in this station, Serbia beat Poland 3-1, and mikheilovic, the main attacker, scored 17 points. In response, Boskovic only played several rounds on the bench and got 2 points. At 8 o'clock tonight, China will play Serbia.