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What's the difference between white oak and red oak

Oak furniture is very common in furniture. Many people like the pure and thick oak. Oak is divided into red oak and white oak, which is better? What's the difference between the two? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.


Red oak: the white wood of red oak is white to light brown, and the heartwood is generally pink brown. Because the pith ray is thin, it can be seen that the round one is less, so the wood grain is mostly straight grain, with rough texture.

White oak: the texture of white oak is straight, the structure is relatively thick, the color is light and elegant, the texture is beautiful, and it will look better than red oak in appearance.


Red oak: red oak is widely distributed in the eastern part of the United States, with rich production resources. At the same time, the production of red oak sawn timber and veneer is extensive, and tree species are relatively easy to obtain, so the price of red oak is lower than that of white oak.

White oak: white oak is mainly produced in Europe and North America. Due to the lack of resources, the price will be on the high side, which has a collection value.

Home furnishing

Red oak: the wood of red oak is thick, hard and strong, not too heavy, with fine pith line and rough texture, so it is suitable for dyeing furniture.

White oak: white oak is elegant and pure in color, its sapwood is light color, its heartwood is light brown to dark brown, with beautiful texture, solid texture and good texture. It can be used as both log color floor furniture and dyeing furniture.

There are two kinds of oak materials for making furniture: white oak and red oak. Which one is better? What's the difference between them? Let's introduce the difference between them.

Wood cross section

Red oak: under the magnifying glass, there are many cell tube holes in the ring of red oak, and the inside is empty,

White oak: in the annual rings of white oak, there is a filling body in the cell tube hole, which has better antiseptic and insect resistant performance and water resistance. Therefore, white oak can also be used as the material for wine barrels, while red oak can't.

Pulp ray

Red oak: the pith ray of red oak is usually short, with a length of 1 / 8 & rsquo; to 1 / 2 & rsquo; and most of them are longer than 3 / 4 & rsquo; to 1 & rsquo; and few are longer.

White oak: the pith ray of white oak is longer than that of red oak, most of which is more than 3 / 4 & rsquo; s;.