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King glory 5.22 what's new in the full service? King glory may 22

Four seas: King glory 5.22 full service update. King glory may 22 game update. This time bring you the king glory 5.22 full service update content introduction, hope you like it.

We plan to update the whole service at 8:30-9:30 on May 22, 2018.

[update time] 8:30-9:30, may 22

[update method] update without stopping

Since the update is non-stop, you can enter the game normally after maintenance; the players who have logged into the game during maintenance will not be affected.

The size of this update is about 17m. It is recommended that you update in WiFi environment

[update scope] full service

[update content]

Activity related

Rally of regiment war to call for calm spirit

Sun Shangxiang skin, the spiritual spokesman of the group, is the first to show up! He has accumulated auxiliary hero / skin experience card and defeat special effect experience card, witnessed the wonderful moment of carry's whole show, and exchanged the experience card for a good gift~

Calm spirit is the most precious spiritual symbol of Sagittarius career. I hope that the general Summoner can fully develop the calm spirit in the use of Sagittarius, and create glory and glory belonging to the team. This time, let's call for calm spirit!

King glory 5.22 what's new in the full service? King glory may 22

Take the lead in wonderful activities:

1. Sun Shangxiang, the first skin in the group spirit series, is on-line with the power of calmness, 20% off in the first week.

2. Login to send golden flash 7 days experience card, hero fragments and other good gifts.

3. Weekend Carnival login to send hero + skin experience card, to fight off treasure chest has a chance to open permanent skin.

4. The exchange of experience card is open within a limited time. Popular heroes / skins are waiting for you to exchange.

5. Diamond snatch is new, old man Kung Fu old spoon skin is on the shelf of King crystal store.

[sun Shangxiang, a new skin - steady power appears]

Steady bombardment, as a salute for the team!

Group war spirit series skin begins to appear, VR world group war, calm and steady!

According to the suggestions of the general summoner, we optimized the skin display model after the disclosure.

[first week discount]: updated from May 22 to May 28

[discount price]: 488 coupons at the original price and 390 coupons at 8% discount in the first week

[hero drop 200 coupons]: sun Shangxiang 388 coupons (original price: 588 coupons)

[good gift to share]:

1. Own and share [sun Shangxiang - steady power]: Diamond * 30

2. Friends give each other [sun Shangxiang - steady power]: steady spirit return effect * 3 days

3. Use sun Shangxiang to participate in a battle: inscription fragments * 15

[group battle spirit skin collection activity]

Li Bai, Zhuge Liang, Su lie and Daqiao group war spirit skin will be online in succession. After the skin is online, the group war spirit skin collection and feedback activity will be launched in the game, with a complete set of 5 group war spirit skin, you can get a new image frame of honor messenger.

[accumulative login with golden flash]

Activity time: from May 22 to May 27 after updating

Login 5 days in total: Golden flash defeat effect * 7 days

Accumulated 4 days of login: Diamond * 30

Cumulative login 3 days: Hero fragment * 1

Total 2 days of login: Legend fragment * 30

Accumulated 1 day of login: inscription fragment * 20

[weekend Carnival: log in to keep fighting and courtesy]

Time: may 25-may 27

Good gift 1: log in and send 3 days of hero skin matching experience

Accumulated login 1 day: Xia Houdun * 3 days + war knight * 3 days

Accumulated login 2 days: Guiguzi * 3 days + Duke of Amos * 3 days

Accumulated 3 days of login: Su lie * 3 days + love and peace * 3 days

Good gift 2: surprise chest dropped in the fight

Participating in the battle every day will drop the surprise gift bag at the weekend (up to 4 per day). After opening, you can get one of the following rewards: war knight (permanent), inscription fragment * 50, inscription fragment * 20, and inscription fragment * 10.

Battle modes include: 5v5 matching (excluding man-machine), ranking and entertainment modes (including contract war)

[treasure in backpack: experience card exchange store opens in limited time]

Activity time: from May 22 to May 28 after updating

Popular heroes and skin: Zhen Ji ice snow waltz, AK love care, Luna Goth rose, Miyamoto Musashi future era, Dharma great inventor, gongsunli, Miyamoto Musashi, Zhang Liang, AK, donghuangtaiyi, Taiyi real person open experience card exchange; more opportunities to open the surprise gift package of permanent hero Xia Houdun for free exchange.

Surprise Pack: one of the following rewards can be obtained after opening: Glyph fragment * 5, glyph fragment * 20, permanent hero - Xia Houdun

[gift for accumulated recharge]

Activity time: from May 22 to May 28 after updating

Shopping mall renewal

Update time: May 22

1. Update of the medal pool

Prize pool for points: Lv Bu and Genghis Khan are replaced by monkey king and Nezha

Diamond prize floor: ox demon, Zhen Ji, Sun Bin, exotic dancer 3 days replaced by Ming Shiyin, Dian Wei, Jiang Ziya, jueying magic gun 3 days

Wang Zhe crystal store: new master Kung Fu laoshao

Version related

1、 Bug repair and detail optimization

1. Changed the name of miradie 1 skill: from air support to air power

2. The maximum number of stackable days of experience card has been optimized, and now it can be stackable for up to 365 days

3. Adjust the individual display of Cheng Yaojin's skin in the interstellar Marines to ensure the consistency with the posters

4. Optimized the model of Houyi skin alpha team to make it look more natural

5. Fixed the problem that the plants on the left side of Zhuge Liang's Wuling Xianjun skin display interface rotate abnormally with the lens in some models. In addition, the overall optimization of this skin is currently in progress, please look forward to

6. Fixed bug that 1 skill bullet occasionally lost after Marco Polo's attack speed reached 150

7. Fixed bug that can reverse mobile attack when using 2 skills and 1 skill

8. Fixed bug that Pei would call tiger when he was prompted to protect and attack the target in the game

2、 Open technology of multi-core and multi thread

After this update, the multi-threaded rendering technology will be opened for multiple models, which can effectively improve the frame rate of group war and provide a smoother and smoother game experience for players.

In order to ensure the good experience provided by multi-core and multi-threaded technology to players, we need to test and joint debug the model for a long period on the premise of ensuring the basic performance of the model, so this time we can only open this function for some models that have passed the test. But please rest assured that we will speed up the progress of testing and joint debugging, complete the testing and joint debugging of all types of models on the market as soon as possible, and open the multi-core and multi-threaded technology in batches. Please don't worry, we will open the relevant models as soon as possible after passing the test, and inform you in the form of announcement.