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What's the best way to wear a summer T-shirt

Summer is a very tangled season. Many people like to wear T-shirts. But the main purpose is to match well. So how to match the summer T-shirt? May as well and small make up understand next!

T-shirt with what skirt T-shirt with halter skirt

However, the suspender skirt is not only sexy but also fashionable in summer. A simple T-shirt for the inside, charming sexy swagger 'good girl', people can not leave the line of sight.

T-shirt with skirt

The T-shirt with the skirt is always the most popular with girls, that is, the fresh and lively way of matching, convenient and good-looking.

T-shirt with skirt

T-shirt is not only fashionable but also comfortable. It is not only the representative of youth, but also the vane of fashion. It's a frank and energetic style, and the short girls are all sweet.

How to match spring T-shirt

1. In the spring of 2018, the weather is warm and cold, so when you go out in the morning and evening, remember to put on a coat, like this kind of sweater cardigan coat, it's necessary. It's festive red, it can show white skin, loose version, and it's very inclusive. You can wear it for any body. It's easy and fashionable to put on a T-shirt inside, but you can choose pants or this kind of one Half skirt, so wearing youth show vitality, can be beautiful all season!

2. T-shirt + sweater cardigan can be worn like this in early spring. It's very popular and good-looking. It's a solid color sweater cardigan with a bit of lazy style. The model is short and can be worn tall and short. It's also a looser model. It's thin with hidden meat. It's matched with a black printed T-shirt + tight nine point jeans. It's simple but fashionable. I think many girls can wear it beautifully!

3. Denim outerwear is the most classic and fashionable. It is very popular in spring and autumn and winter festivals. No matter how long it goes, denim outerwear can be welcomed with a new look. This new spring 2018 style, short version, is a little more simple and neat than the long one. The short one is exclusive and necessary, with a hole design, adding a sense of fashion. Choose a light pink t-shirt + white pleated skirt. Look Look, isn't this outfit very youthful?

4. It's a very simple and fashionable blue denim coat, which is also a short design. It's simple and neat. It's a slightly loose version. The upper body cleverly covers the small belly meat. It's simply matched with a white T-shirt + black leggings. It's very popular in spring 2018.

5. Khaki trench coat is very classic and fashionable. How to wear it without any mistakes? It shows the color of white skin. It's fried chicken, medium and long. It's knee length. It's fashionable to wear it. The drawstring design at the waist can be adjusted at will. It's thin and shows the body. It's simple to match a white T-shirt and a pair of nine point jeans at the bottom. It's beautiful for a whole season!

What pants does red T-shirt match? Red T-shirt + black pants

Red and black CP should know, a publicity of a low-key, an impulse a introverted, such a perfect color matching. And this kind of collocation will make the legs very long and white. No matter whether the pants are loose or tight, they look very good~

Red T-shirt + denim shorts

This matching should be the most common one. Whether it's to tuck T-shirt into pants or cover pants with medium and long T-shirt, it's very suitable for going out of the street. At the same time, it's also the second to grow long legs. It looks not as boring as black pants. It's best for spring and summer~

Red T-shirt + jeans

Just said the shorts, many girls may think it's not the season to show their thighs, so choose a pair of jeans pants, which is more professional than the style of shorts. It's very good-looking whether it's with high-heeled shoes or board shoes. Jeans should be one for everyone. I don't know how to match it with red T-shirt~

Red T-shirt + Sweatpants

T-shirt has its own sports attributes. It's very fashionable to match with a pair of sports pants. It's full of energy in minutes. It looks very young and vigorous. It's still very young. Remember to match with sports shoes. If you wear high heels, you will get big points for the overall match~

Red stripe T-shirt with + jeans

If you think that the simple red T-shirt can't be controlled by yourself, and the skin color is darker and afraid of being black, you can take a step back and try the red stripe T-shirt. In recent years, the stripe element can be said to be very popular, because it really doesn't pick people! Go with a pair of jeans. But pay attention to light color with light color jeans, dark color with dark jeans~