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Does long-term use of faceid function of iPhone x face have harm to human body

Does long-term use of faceid function of iPhone x face have harm to human body iPhone x users all know that Apple spent a lot of time to unlock the faceid function. It is a "face recognition" released by iPhone x, just like the fingerprint recognition of iPhone 5S, which is a revolutionary innovation of faceid in the field of mobile phones. If we use infrared technology to unlock our face for a long time, will it do harm to our body to some extent?

1、 How to recognize face with face ID

The realization of face ID relies on infrared lens, flood illuminator and lattice projector, which can instantly perceive the facial features of users through 30000 points and instantly identify users.

2、 Is face ID easy to crack

According to apple, compared with touch ID, the security level of face ID is doubled. Touch ID has a cracking probability of one in 500000, and face ID belongs to one million. In the experiment of stealing brush, we used all kinds of face models of Hollywood model team and found that the imitations could not be recognized.

3、 Does the infrared ray of face ID used for face recognition harm health

Infrared radiation is invisible light of 25-65% of human eyes, which can reach the epidermis and dermis. Different from ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation can increase skin temperature and bactericidal ability. Because of the increase of skin temperature, the deposition of lipid in blood vessels can be reduced, but the increase of skin temperature, capillary expansion and congestion, and the increase of water evaporation of epidermis and skin It will have a bad effect on the skin.

In clinical medicine, the treatment of some patients will use the way of ointment daubing and infrared radiation, usually the time will be about 20 minutes, and it is found that the absorption effect of drugs will be enhanced. At the same time, infrared rays can also enhance the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and accelerate skin aging. If you apply skin care products with the same sun protection factor, it is found that the sun protection effect of outdoor natural light is better than that of indoor artificial light.

For the work of glass manufacturing and steel smelting, there will be infrared damage to the eyes, mainly caused by excessive infrared radiation cataract ophthalmopathy. In this field of occupational disease research, there is also an unclear problem, that is, the relationship between injury dose and response. In the process of face ID recognition, the time is very short, and the accumulated time of the whole day should not be very long, so the damage to skin and eyes should not be compared with these. However, for the sake of skin and eye health, it is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables, and increase the intake of vitamin C, carotene and anthocyanin.