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521 boys express their love to girls

521 boys express their love to girls love is a magic thing. It makes two people miss each other and love each other. 521 is online Valentine's day. Many boys want to say love words to their beloved girls, but they don't know how to express them. Let's have a look at some love words expressed to the goddess.

Firewood, rice, oil and salt, plain and light, can not be diluted is sweet; flowers bloom and fall, the face passes away, and never changes is the oath; time flies, fleeting, and love is to keep up with the times; 521 watch day, I swear: I love you all my life!

Missing you is my life habit; dreaming you is my wish before going to bed; loving you is my wish; marrying you is my greatest expectation. Today, May 21, I want to say loudly: 521, I love you!

Your hesitation period has passed, and you are not allowed to be ambivalent! From today on, you are only allowed to be gentle and considerate, not to be domineering; you are only allowed to love, not to hate; you are only allowed to laugh, not to cry.

You just like me when you receive this information. If you delete it, you will fall in love with me. If you return the information, you want to marry me. If you don't return it, you promise to marry me. If you modify it, you will die. If you store it, it will belong to me for the rest of your life.

I met you in thousands of people, and I met you in thousands of years, not earlier, not later, so I caught up with you. I only asked gently: 'hello ~! Pig head! Is it OK to be my boyfriend?'

Today is May 21st, want to send you 9 words: 'no, far, one, change, love, me, life, forever, you'. Can you send them back to me in a complete sentence? 521, I love you.

It's another year 521. The romantic spring breeze is the solution to the amorous feelings. Our hearts are as bright as the moon. We love you no matter how far and near you are, which way we think of yin or Qing, the world is the most difficult to be quiet. The time and space changes are uncertain. If you have a good scenery, how warm you are. 521 I love you, wish you and I love forever sweet, life will never be separated!

Love a person so hard, I do not know if you are loved by the spirit?

Because I fell in love with you, I deleted the distractions, loaded the thoughts, pasted the thoughts, repeated the thoughts, filled the infatuation again, and finally continued to write the thoughts. '5.21 I love you' -- has become the most Recitation in my life! I wish you happiness forever!

Although I have missed the romantic outing with you in spring, I still vaguely remember the most beautiful segment you left me, thinking about your ups and downs in my heart, silently hanging you in my heart, no matter how the season changes, on the day when 521 'I love you' comes, my love for you will never change!

I miss you not because I am lonely, but because I miss you. The reason why loneliness is so heavy is that I miss you too much. I can't help but say to you: I really miss you!

Spring is coming, the trees are blooming, the grass is sprouting, the sky is blue, the birds are happy, and I miss you. Don't be impulsive when you read the message. It's no other meaning, just to let you know that 521 loves you more.

Love is concerned, love is dedication, is the pain of missing, is the sweet memory, is inseparable, is the hope of morning and night heart trembling... Love, how are you?

I really want to be your mobile phone, in your arms, in your hands, in your eyes, in your heart!

Who holds my hand and keeps me mad for half my life. Who caresses my face and comforts me for half my life. Who knows what I mean, so that I have no regrets in this life. Who can help me? I can't be matched for thousands of years. Who will cover my lips and judge my previous life. Who holds my arms, except my previous life frivolous. Who holds my hand, accompany me crazy this life. Who kisses my eyes and accompanies me for thousands of lives. 521 I love you, today love finally has the answer, dear, hold the hand of son, grow old with son!

Baby I'm sorry, I can't help thinking of you, I can't let myself forget you, my heart can't do without you, so I will continue.

If you still exist in this world, no matter what the world is, it means to me; but if you are not, no matter how beautiful the world is, it is just a desert in my eyes.

My heart dances for you, my foot accompanies you to walk the ends of the earth, my hand holds you to walk happily, my eye sees you never to turn back, fell in love with you, I am very happy, is willing to accompany you so slowly to grow old!

My love lock is waiting for you to open, my dream is waiting for you to enter, my kite is waiting for you to pull, my love song is waiting for you to ensemble, my life is waiting for you to add color, my lips are waiting for you to kiss! The person I love comes to me!

Love is a strange thing. When you are not there, you miss deeply. When you are there, you bury your missing deeply. You love deeply. It hurts deeply, but you have no regrets.

If you have questions, just say them; if you have doubts, just say them; if you have doubts, ask them directly. Only when we are honest with each other can we have a heart to heart relationship.

No matter how the world changes, until the comet turns into clouds and smoke, we must find you. One day, let love come back to me.

It's not my fault to love you, but it's my fault to indulge in it; it doesn't matter if you don't like me, it's your fault if you don't say it!

I long for a love to make me heart, I dream of a love in loneliness, I seek a hug in tossing and turning of the night.

If one day time all goes far, time makes me old, will you still be by my side, recalling yesterday's lingering & hellip; & hellip;

My heart is forever, my love is still! Pay too much, don't say tired, smile on the face add some vicissitudes. A look, each other's hearts meet. This warm love comforts me.

I love you more than I love myself! Love is the most obscure and elusive thing in the world. When time goes by, love fades, and the people who love each other are gone.

When all feelings into love, when all numbness back to prosperity, when all seasons are left with a color, only you, can make me intoxicated!