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How to match short sleeves? How to wear them more fashionable

Sihaiwang: in summer, short sleeve T-shirt is the most common and popular top, but a simple short sleeve T-shirt can wear a different feeling. So how can simple short sleeves look better when they are worn and transformed? Let's learn about it together with Xiaobian!

How to match short sleeve T-shirt with short sleeve T-shirt with trousers

The temperature in early summer is still cool, so it's very simple and fashionable to match with a pair of trousers. The overall color coordination will be more beautiful. For example, white T-shirt with light color jeans will be more beautiful, bright rose red T-shirt with dark jeans will be more beautiful, and black casual pants can be matched at will~

Short sleeve T-shirt with shorts

The style of trousers is simpler than that of shorts at first, but there are many styles of shorts, so we must pay attention to the proper combination of complexity and simplicity. For example, if you choose a pair of shorts with a sense of design, then the T-shirt should not be too complicated or it will look messy and not good-looking. If you like the simple style, just pay attention to the unity of colors~

Short sleeve T-shirt with long skirt

Long skirts always have a very gentlewoman and gentle temperament, with T-shirt is no exception, but when matching with T-shirt, it can increase the feeling of leisure and daily life, not too formal ~ it is worth noting that if you like to wear a slim skirt, you must choose a slim point T-shirt, otherwise it will be very contrary to yo~

Short sleeve T-shirt with short skirt

Compared with long skirt and short skirt, it will be more lively and lovely. Girls who don't know how to match can choose a denim skirt. It's not wrong to match any t-shirt casually. If you want to match a skirt with a very layered or complex color, you must choose a solid color T-shirt! Too gaudy is rustic!

How to do DIY if T-shirt with short sleeve is too long

If you can do some needlework, you can actually try to change your clothes. You can cut off the long part of the short sleeve T-shirt and fold it in to sew it. It's not difficult. If this is not enough, you can do DIY according to your imagination, or there are many DIY tutorials on the Internet. Try to change them by yourself. Your T-shirt will become the unique one in the world~

Find a tailor's shop to modify

If you don't think you are skillful enough to try it easily, you can find a professional to help you modify it. In fact, the price of changing clothes is not high. The fabric of T-shirts can also be modified, so you can get a nearby tailor's shop to shorten and fit the clothes, which is the most convenient and safe way~

Tucked into the waistband

This one doesn't need to be modified. Choose a pair of high waisted pants to tuck the short sleeve T-shirt into the waistband, and then pull it out a little bit. It's natural and beautiful. It can not only cover up the fact that the T-shirt has grown, but also show the whole person's spirit. If it's too hard to tuck it all into the waistband, it's a good choice to just tuck it in the front, full of fashion~

Direct wear

In fact, it doesn't need to be too much trouble. The wide T-shirt has its own style. It's very nice to wear with a pair of leggings or jeans ~ or it's also fashionable to wear with a pair of shorts. Why change it? It's OK to wear or be a pajama when exercising~

How to prevent short sleeve T-shirt from becoming longer

If your T-shirt grows slowly instead of being bought, you must pay attention to it in the future, so as to prevent other T-shirts from growing. Next, let's see how to prevent it~

Do not wash t-shirt by washing machine

The washing machine will pull the T-shirt when cleaning the short sleeve T-shirt and drying it. This is very easy to make the T-shirt deform and grow, so try not to use the washing machine for cleaning. The clothes in summer can be washed by hand completely ~ don't be too lazy ~ if you really don't want to wash, then buy a laundry bag, put the T-shirt into the washing machine for cleaning, it will be better.

Do not rub hard when cleaning

Many people like to rub hard to wash clothes. It's not good to treat short sleeve T-shirt like this. First of all, it's not good to say whether it will grow longer or not. The deformation is absolute. It's also very ugly! If some stains can not be cleaned by gently rubbing, in fact, you can soak them in washing powder for a while, so that you can easily wash out the stains without vigorously rubbing~

Do not wring

This should be everyone's habit. After washing, the clothes will be wrung to dry until there is no water. It's strange that the T-shirt will not grow! In fact, it's OK to twist it a little. In the season of wearing short sleeve T-shirt, you don't have to worry about it~