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Why is mob comics shut down? Why is mob comics shut down

Almost everyone knows that Wang NIMA can't be more familiar. Recently, riotous comics appeared on Weibo hot search, and sent an apology, then off the shelves of all video sites. What's going on? What is the cause of the shutdown? Let's find out.

Violent comics shut down apologize

I believe many people are familiar with TA--

■ Wang NIMA, the host of the violent event, and the official editor of the violent cartoon. Probably few people know the real face behind this headdress. /Network screenshot

Just this afternoon, Wang NIMA posted an apology micro blog. ↓↓↓

Then, Wang NIMA apologized and went on a hot search. ↓↓↓

It's not that easy to say sorry and get on hot search;

Sure enough, a micro blog administrator not long ago told us the seriousness of the matter. ↓↓↓


Because of infringing the image of heroic martyrs, violating relevant laws and regulations, millions of fans' micro blog accounts have been permanently closed?!

Sure enough, searching the microblog of the rampage comics and the rampage events, we found that 'users no longer exist'.

At the same time, he also found that as the next meal program of many people, "the great tyranny" was also put on the shelves of all video websites & hellip;