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How to open oyster quickly

Oyster is one of the most popular seafood in summer. Star products on the barbecue stand. Oysters are so delicious that many people want to buy fresh oysters to go home, but they find it very difficult to open them. How can oysters be opened without opening? Let's have a look together.

How to open oyster 1: American way

1. Insert the oyster knife into the head (tip) of the oyster and pry it up;

2. Slide the tip of the knife to the side of the oyster and pry;

3. After touching the side oyster meat, cut it.

Method 2: French technique

1. Insert the tip of the knife 3 cm to the right of the oyster and pry it hard;

2. Feel the oyster shell loose and pry it open.

Method 3: international practices

1. Put the oyster in the oyster plate, insert the tip of the knife into the head (tip);

2. The tip of the knife should be quickly rowed to the side and pried off. The action should be fast, so that there is no adhesion of broken shells on the oyster meat.

Pay attention to safety when using oyster knife. It is better to use cotton gloves or towel to wrap oyster.

How to open a oyster without opening its mouth

1. Put the oyster flat side up on the cloth. You can open it on your hand as shown in the picture, but it is recommended to open the larger oysters on the table.

2. The oyster has a round end and a sharp end. At the sharp end, you can see the gap at the closed part of the two shells, and extend the blade into the gap. Wrap the oyster with cloth and then grasp the oyster to avoid hand injury during output.

3. The blade and oyster are about 45 degrees. Press the blade into the oyster. You can change the angle of force application or use a drill. As long as there is part of the blade in, you can turn the blade or use the lever principle to pry it off.

4. The blade and the body of the knife are flat on the upper part of the flat shell, stick along the plane, extend into the middle of the flat shell, and cut off another muscle.

5. Gently lift the upper shell about 5cm, scrape the oyster skirt glued to the upper shell onto the lower oyster meat with a knife, and then remove the upper shell.

6. The tip of the lower shell is to the right, and the shape of the edge of the shell near the body should be flat rather than curved. The direction of the knife is parallel to the front of the body, and the blade "cuts" down along the inner surface of the lower shell. Try not to use the cut to cut the muscles below.

Oyster's home style

Stir fried oyster with ginger and scallion

Materials: Oyster amount, ginger 3 pieces, onion 2 pieces, salt amount, soy sauce amount, white wine amount.


1. Pat and slice the green onion. Separate the green onion and the green leaves. Slice the ginger.

2. After the oysters are cleaned, boil a pot of water, put it in the water and heat it for a few times. When the soup turns white and the smell of the sea is smelt in the nose, it can be fished up without cooking for too long.

3. Use kitchen paper to absorb water from the blanched oysters.

4. Put a little oil in the pot. First, stir fry ginger and scallion.

5. Add oysters and stir fry carefully.

6. Cook in a little water, add wine, salt, soy sauce and a little oyster sauce.

7. Finally, put in the scallion leaf segment to stop the fire.

Steamed oysters with minced garlic and vermicelli

Materials: 10 fresh oysters, a handful of vermicelli, some garlic, some salt.


1. Mix the prepared ginger and garlic with a proper amount of fine salt. First, take half of them and put them evenly on each oyster meat, then pour some oil on them.

2. Put the remaining half of ginger and garlic together with the vermicelli, add some soy sauce and mix well, then spread it evenly on the oysters. Spread some on each oyster, and finally pour some soy sauce on the vermicelli.

3. After boiling the water in the steamer, steam the oysters for about 10 minutes and then take them out for food.

Egg fried oyster

Ingredients: Oyster 200g, 2 eggs.


1. Put salt and sweet potato powder into oysters.

2. Massage oysters gently by hand for three minutes.

3. Break up the eggs and add some salt.

4. Fry the marinated oysters in the pan and place them separately.

5. Pour the egg on 8 ripe oysters.

6. Bake slowly over low heat. After the liquid is fixed, fry for another three to five minutes.