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What can peaceful elites pick up from airdrops

What can peaceful elites pick up from airdrops what can peaceful elites pick up in airdrop. Peace elite air drop pick up strategy. In addition to supplies, there will be some powerful weapons in the hollow throwing of peace elites. So there are a lot of people competing for airdrops. So which airdrops can't be touched and which ones can be picked up? Let's take a look at the strategy.

First of all, one thing we need to know is that airdrop can provide us with information as well as materials. Because airdrop is sure to be in the circle, so there will be players to pick it up, and there will be players crouching at the same time. Then the area of airdrop can be said to be the area with fierce fighting. Since there is fighting, there will be information. By listening to the sound, we can Identify the type of enemy gun, and then estimate the number of enemies. In combination with the remaining number, we can easily estimate the approximate location of all the remaining people, and use this information to find the safest way to enter the circle.

Through the above point, we ordinary people's use of airdrop is here, but the purpose of "airdrop elite" is to get airdrop, and they will not walk away as ordinary people. You should know that in the vicinity of airdrop are usually just shot kings. If you don't have confidence in your shooting skills, you won't come to rob airdrop.

Here we will show you what kind of airdrop can be picked up and what kind of airdrop is absolutely not allowed to go:

1. The airdrop dropped in the water can't be taken, because if you want to take this airdrop, you have to wade. When wading, we are a target, and we can't fight back. The most important thing is that we travel very slowly when swimming. In this case, it's very easy to lose the opportunity to run. It's not worth losing the rhythm for airdrop.

Two It's easy to understand that airdrops close to the room can't be taken. Many players who see airdrops and drool often rush to the room regardless of the surrounding environment, but they don't know that there are several teams in ambush staring at the airdrop. Even if we drive the car and seal the smoke, the super powerful firepower can explode the car and take us away, so if you ambush in the room District, and has been determined that this piece is cleared before consideration.

3. Compared with the first two, the most suitable airdrop is the plain, because the enemy is not easy to hide, so we can find the enemy's position when taking the airdrop, and the plain is more conducive to vehicle acceleration and snake skin moving.

4. Don't pick up the airdrop with a bunch of people. Make sure to communicate with your teammates well. Before picking up the airdrop, make sure that your teammates put the gun in place

5. There is also a very simple small problem, that is, when picking up the airdrop, you must first clear your backpack out of more than 40 spaces, so that you can take the airdrop away at the first time, otherwise, sorting your backpack at the position of the airdrop box can almost declare your death.