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What are the most stringent restrictions on purchase in history

What are the most stringent purchase restrictions in history this year, the property market has recovered, and the housing purchase policy has been tightened continuously. The purchase restriction in the Beijing area has become a closed loop. The purchase restriction in various regions has been tightened continuously. The most stringent purchase restriction order in history has come. Let's see what are the most stringent purchase restriction regulations in history?

Since March this year, the real estate market regulation and control policy has been continuously upgraded, and the area around Beijing, with its geographical advantages, has become the top priority of regulation and control. The city around Beijing has almost formed a 'closed-loop purchase restriction'. Under the high-intensity combination of restrictions on purchase, the real estate market in the area around Beijing 'hears the news'.

On June 2, Langfang city again increased regulation and control, which clearly stipulated that foreigners should have 3 years or more social security to buy houses. Now, more than a month has passed since the limited purchase and upgrade of boots was launched. What about the real estate market around Beijing?

In Yanjiao Town, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, a second-hand real estate intermediary stores, transaction is very cold. In the more than two hours of the reporter's interview, none of the clients came to the door for consultation. And just in March this year, there was a lot of activity.

Bian Fukai, the head of East District of Sanhe City, Hebei Province, chain home real estate: the volume of online signings in March was about 4500 sets, and the volume of transactions in June was about 700 sets last month, with an overall decline of about 80%.

With the sharp drop in trading volume, the transaction price has been falling. Take the 90 square meter two bedroom residential area as an example. In March, the average transaction price reached 29000 yuan per square meter. By the beginning of June, it was only 21000 yuan, a decrease of nearly 30%. Transaction records show that: the latest transaction of the real estate was on June 7, and in the next month, Yanjiao has the largest scale, with a total number of more than 28000 sets of real estate. None of the houses has been completed.

Bian Fukai, head of East District, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, chain home real estate: our former main customer group has always been the investment customers with investment nature as the main body. This time, Langfang limited purchase efforts are relatively large, and foreigners are basically not qualified to buy houses.

In the past three years, the restriction policy of social security tax has squeezed the bubble of outsiders investing in buying houses. Now, the second-hand housing transaction is mainly based on the needs of local people to change houses.

In Xianghe County, Hebei Province, which also implemented the new policy of purchase restriction, the sales of ordinary houses are also close to stagnation.

A real estate salesman in Xianghe County, Hebei Province: last year, foreigners can directly buy one set, while locals can buy two sets. They don't need the qualification to buy houses. To buy these real estate, non Xianghe Hukou needs Xianghe's three-year social security.