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Which kind of floral skirt is the best to wear in 2018 summer? How to match the floral skirt with sh

Four seas net: summer arrived, arrived the season that girls love most again. It's a season to show all kinds of bodies and wear all kinds of beautiful clothes. Among them, the floral dress is very popular in summer. Different collocations give people different feelings. So how to match the floral dress? May as well and small make up to understand next!

How to match long sleeve floral dress with short boots

Long sleeved floral dress with short boots is the most popular way to wear. Short boots are practical and versatile, which can be worn all the year round. Floral dress and short boots have a cool feeling. In recent years, many socks and boots are more popular. They give you a sense of concave foot shape and add a fashionable index.


Long sleeve floral dress with canvas shoes

It's also a common way to mix long sleeve floral dresses with canvas shoes. The canvas shoes are light, convenient and comfortable, and they have their own young leisure taste. They don't worry about the old-fashioned look when mixed with floral dresses.

Long sleeve floral dress with sneakers

When it comes to mix and match, long sleeve floral dress mix and match sneakers are also a good choice. The retro sports mix and match style is the most popular in the past two years. No matter it's out of the street or outing, it's very young and fashionable.

Long sleeve floral dress with high heels

Long sleeve floral dress with high heels is more suitable for fairies in the workplace. High heels have the most temperament and style. When matching a floral dress with high heels, try to choose a simple style.

Long sleeve floral dress with Loafers

Long sleeve floral dress with Mary Jane shoes

How to match floral suspender skirt with floral suspender skirt + color T-shirt

The national style is inseparable from all kinds of printing and embroidery. The black T-shirt with suspender and floral skirt, fresh and romantic rural style, fully show the sweetness and dream of girls.

You don't know how beautiful ginger is. It's equipped with a romantic floral halter dress. It's cooler, lighter and elegant. It's full of femininity and full of goddess.

It's fashionable to wear a T-shirt inside a small flower. Wear a pair of jeans with a hole in the lower body to give the whole body a look of unrestrained beauty. Do you love this delicious mix and match?

It's said that nude is the most elegant color in the world. Sure enough, this kind of collocation changes from the little sister of the neighbor to the sister of the neighbor, which is full of gentle and intellectual beauty.

Floral Halter skirt is a common style in summer. It is designed with deep V and low chest, and worn with nude T-shirt to give a sense of layering, which makes sexy style become small and fresh instantly.

Floral Dress + white T-shirt

Small floral suspender dress with white T-shirt is now the most popular match in street photography, saving a bunch of girls with thick arms. The cuffs of T-shirt cover the worship meat of arms, which is sweet.

Blue little fresh printing suspender dress, Little Daisy's design is very cute. The suspender design is matched with a little white T, and the retro college style is getting older.

Many of the dresses that look good in summer are suspenders. Some girls will think that they are too sexy. In this way, the style of white T-shirt is completely changed, sexy and fresh.

Look, the girl next door. This kind of suspender floral skirt is straight, more free to wear, no body selection, white T-shirt inside, sweet age reduction, short skirt is more lively and playful.

Floral Halter skirt + white shirt

The skirt is very elegant and romantic. The fresh flowers give people a gentle feeling. The dark red little floral dress has a very retro taste. When it is matched with the Palace Style White Chiffon shirt, the smart and lovely look is too old.

The little broken flower is a perfect match for a girl. The small dark red flowers have a special nostalgic taste, which is the memory of an era. The old style and rustic style are insulated from the smile. The small sling floral skirt is gentle and lovely. The gentle chiffon fabric makes the slightly agitated skirt more gentle.

Lady and sexy fishtail Halter skirt, but MM's favorite skirt in summer! Full of summer atmosphere, the flowery skirt creates a rhythmic charm, and the waist closing design highlights the perfect figure.

What shoes does a floral dress match with a floral dress + single shoes

Compared with the short girl who is tall and tall, she can wear a floral dress with single shoes. It's very comfortable whether it's a spring outing or going to work. It looks small, fresh and sweet. It's also a good choice for a small girl.

Floral Dress + sneakers

In spring and summer, small flowers are really popular, but I didn't expect that sneakers full of sports style can also match with lady's full floral dress. In spring, it seems to bring a wind of age reduction and full of vitality.

Floral Dress + high heels

It has to be said that as the collocation of girls' dresses and high heels, it always makes people look sexy. Only when girls wear high heels can they show their temperament most. The flower dress with simple high heels can pull up the proportion of legs, which is very suitable for the girl with fat lower body.

Floral Dress + Short Boots

In this cold and hot season, short boots have become a versatile piece. Whether it's flat bottomed or high-heeled, it can always match with different styles. The short boots with handsome look and floral dress have a very different taste, which keeps the sweet breath of little girl and adds a cool and handsome style.

Floral Dress + sandals

The best combination of spring and summer dresses is sandals. A pair of sandals can make a sweet floral dress look cool and full of romance of little women. It looks very lady.