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What brand of video card will be selected in 2017? Top ten brand of video card in 2017

Sihai network: the video card is the most basic part of the computer. The function of the video card is to improve the graphics processing ability of the computer, assist the CPU to work, and improve the overall operation speed. Simply speaking, it can improve the speed of the computer. Under the current high-speed work efficiency, how can the computer card be allowed? So choosing a good video card can greatly improve the work efficiency. Then how can we choose so many video cards on the market? Let's look at the 2017 video card ranking (ranking in no order).

Video card brand No.1: seven rainbow video card

Qirainbow Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is a famous DIY accessories brand in China. With the brand positioning of "game graphics expert", we are committed to the R & D, design, production and sales of professional graphics cards. Now, we have become a leader in the graphics card industry and have been widely recognized by the market.

No. 2 brand of video card: Yingchi video card

Yingchi is a series of brand of Jiawei technology. Founded in 1994, Jiawei technology is a company dedicated to the production and sales of computer hardware. At present, Jiawei technology has become one of the largest manufacturers of high-end high-quality display cards in the industry. The company's main product "Yingchi" series, taking the meaning of "fast and strong", demonstrates the outstanding quality of products and the belief of winning the market.

The third brand of graphics card: sotai graphics card

Zotac is the private brand of the world's largest graphics card generation factory, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of perneng group. With more than ten years of experience in the production of graphics cards and mainboards, Zotac is one of NVIDIA's largest manufacturers of graphics cards and mainboards.

The fourth brand of video card: Micro star video card

Founded in 1986, MSI micro star is one of the top five main board manufacturers and the largest display card manufacturer in the world. MSI micro Star Technology's main board accessories and other products have occupied the top market share for many years.

Video card brand No. 5: Ming video card

Mingyu is an IT brand owned by commercial science, which was founded in 2002 and has a brand history of more than 10 years. As a well-known IT and consumer digital brand, Mingyu adheres to the brand concept of "focus on quality, focus on excellence", and has been committed to providing users with the best product solutions.

No. 6 brand of video card: sapphire video card

Sapphire is an IT brand of sapphire technology Co., Ltd., which is a leading manufacturer of ATI based video graphics accelerators with the most complete product range in design, production and sales worldwide. In addition, lanbao also produces motherboards based on ATI's latest IGP chip technology. With its headquarters in Hong Kong and production base in Dongguan, China, lanbao has a monthly production capacity of 1.8 million boards.

No. 7 brand of video card: ASUS video card

ASUS was founded in 1989. It is an international famous 3C brand. ASUS products are all over the world, and quickly become the world's largest motherboard manufacturer. In the same year, ASUS added a wonderful stroke to its product line - the birth of ASUS graphics card.

The eighth brand of video card: Dylan video card

Dylan Beijing Dylan Hengjin Technology Co., Ltd., a brand of graphics card, was founded in 1999. It is one of the most important suppliers of graphics card in China. Lead partner in ATI continental. In China, we have introduced ATI graphics chip, technology and well-made "Dylan Hengjin" Powercolor brand display card.

No. 9 brand of video card: Radium video card

Radium brand is a graphics card brand of jiuyuntian Technology Co., Ltd. It is a core graphics card manufacturer engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of high-quality graphics cards in the world. Radium graphics card belongs to the highest level of official certification partner of ATI graphic display card (AIB = add in board ATI certification partner), and has become one of the famous graphics card brands in the market.

Top 10 brand of video card: Xiangsheng video card

Founded in 1995, Xiangsheng electronics has been devoted to the research and development, production and supply of computer accessories. The company has a long-term cooperative relationship with three major international CPU chip suppliers (intelsisvia) and a number of overseas R & D institutions. It is a close partner between ATI, the world's two major graphics chip suppliers, and NVIDIA in mainland China. It is the only AIC partner of NVIDIA in mainland China.