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Vivo apex mass production real machine exposure full screen without bangs (Figure)

Previously, media reported that vivo had announced that the apex concept machine would be mass produced at MWC 2018. Recently, the photos of suspected mass production real machine exposure came out on the Internet. From the photos, the four frames of this mobile phone are very narrow, without the design of bangs, and the chin at the bottom is also very small, which looks very domineering.

If the picture is true, then it can be seen that the shape of the mass production version of apex and the concept version is not much different, the four frames are very narrow, there is no banging design, the chin at the bottom is also very small, the front camera guess is still using the lifting design.

In order to maximize the screen share, vivo apex has used a number of advanced technical solutions, such as lift front camera, half screen fingerprint unlocking technology, comprehensive screen sound, etc. in addition, vivo also uses ultrasonic distance measurement technology and hidden sensor to solve the problem of distance sensor and light sensor for screen space occupation.

At present, the identity of this mobile phone has not been determined. Some netizens speculate that it will be xplay7. Anyway, let's wait and see.