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Does hammer nut R1 support wireless charging? How much is nut R1 wireless charger

Does hammer nut R1 support wireless charging? How much is nut R1 wireless charger the hammer press conference at 19:30 p.m. on May 15 was controversial. However, this does not affect the normal progress of the hammer conference. Let's leave aside other comments and find out what surprises the hammer nut R1 brings us. Many friends who have got nut R1 have many questions, among which the most important one is that R1 supports wireless charging?

Nut R1 is equipped with snapdragon 845, one of the most powerful processors on the mobile terminal, supplemented by 6GB / 8GB + 64GB / 128GB / 1TB memory combination. 1TB memory of the mobile phone can be used as the mobile hard disk. This is the first mobile phone with such a large memory in the world. The breakthrough photography performance, 12 million + 20 million rear dual cameras, 24 million front cameras, and revolutionary system innovation are all eye-catching, with the same beauty point full screen as sharp and the popular AI scenes this year. It can be said that the standard configuration of mainstream flagship mobile phones is complete on nut R1, which can be regarded as a qualified flagship mobile phone in the first half of 2018.

But maybe because the old Luo Niu boasted too much in the early stage, people's expectations for R1 nuts were so high that they didn't reach the expectations after the official release, so netizens' comments were also mixed.

But on nut R1, it also supports the hottest wireless charging technology this year.

At present, the domestic mobile phones that support wireless charging are mi x 2S and Huawei mate rs. hammer R1 is in the front of the trend. The wireless charging officially sold by hammer is an alarm type Qi wireless charging. When the phone is put on, it will automatically charge. At the same time, the phone will automatically display the alarm screen, support 10W output, and conduct 10W wireless fast charging for nut R1.

The official price is 299 yuan, which is still relatively expensive for ordinary users, and the overall design is slightly cumbersome and inconvenient to carry.

For the hammer powder ready to start with nut R1, if you want to experience the wireless charging of R1 and feel that the hammer wireless charging base is too expensive, you may be able to meet it through a third-party brand wireless charger. As a well-known digital accessories brand in China, green link launched a series of wireless chargers in the early stage, including a leather type wireless charger, which may be better able to meet the demand of hammer powder in appearance and price.

The front side of the green link wireless charger is made of aluminum alloy + textured silica gel shell, with strong adsorption and good skid resistance. The round rubber pad at the back can effectively prevent slipping. High quality, with nut R1 carbon black thin red line version to highlight the taste. For hammer powder, it may be a good choice if it wants to pursue a wireless charger with advanced sense, personalized and affordable, and well adapted to R1.