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May 17 NBA playoff final warriors vs rockets live address

At 09:00 on May 17, Beijing time, the NBA playoff final warriors vs. rockets was broadcast live. Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals encounter open door black, they will continue to stay at home against the Golden State Warriors on the 17th. Harden and Paul need to maintain aggressiveness. They want to use the better performance to drive the team. The combination of light bulbs also needs more strength from their teammates. Gordon, Ariza, Tucker and others need to work hard to contribute. They hope to rebound at home and equate the total score. The warriors have won the home advantage in the series. They will not relax. Durant, curry and Thompson will keep attacking. Green will try to give full contribution. The warriors hope to win another game and take a 2-0 lead.

Live time: 09:00, May 17

Live address: 5/

The Rockets beat the warriors 2-1 in the regular season, winning one game each in Houston. In the playoffs, the two teams have met twice before. It's the warriors who win and advance. The Rockets lost 2-3 in the postseason home game against the warriors.

Expected starting lineup of both sides

Warriors: curry, Thompson, igodara, Durant, green

Rockets: Paul, harden, Ariza, Tucker, Capella