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How to set the timing switch for Changhong air conditioner

It's very convenient for the air conditioner to have the function of timed shutdown. You can sleep at ease at night. Today, I'd like to introduce to you how to set the timing shutdown function of Changhong air conditioner. Let's learn.

How to turn off Changhong air conditioner regularly

1. Turn on the air conditioner switch, and then after the air conditioner is started, press the 'timing' button on the remote control, and then press the '+' and '-' buttons of the set temperature to adjust the timing time.

2. The remote control display will display the timing time, which can be timed according to your own needs. After the time is adjusted, press the 'timing' button again.

3. If you need to cancel the timing, you can cancel the timing function by pressing the timing once after the timing is finished.

How to turn on Changhong air conditioner regularly

If your air conditioner supports timed start-up, generally press the "timed" button. At this time, the remote control display will display on, and then press the "timed" button again to display off. At this time, press the temperature adjustment button to increase and reduce the timing time. After the setting is completed, you can start the air conditioner at a fixed time.

When using the air conditioner, you often need to use the timing switch of the air conditioner. Sometimes you want to turn off the air conditioner after only working for a few hours, but you are afraid to forget it. Let's teach Changhong how to turn off the air conditioner regularly.

What's the matter with Changhong air conditioner's automatic shutdown

There are many reasons for this problem, which is likely to be caused by the tripping of the compressor protection device. The compressor overload protection will trip, which means that the high pressure of the system is too high or the overheating current is too large.

If high pressure causes overheating, it may be:

1. Too much refrigerant. Reduce the amount of refrigerant properly.

2. Poor heat dissipation. Check whether there is dust on the condenser pipe and clean the condenser.

3. The pipeline system is blocked. Refer to the pressure gauge to judge and eliminate, and deal with the air conditioning system again.

4. The evaporator or filter screen is dusty. As a result, the air flow becomes smaller and the system pressure and temperature become unstable, try to clean the evaporator or filter screen.

5. It may also be a lack of fluorine. In case of fluorine deficiency, the exhaust temperature of the compressor will overheat, making the overheated load protection switch trip.

There may also be circuit problems:

1. The control circuit board has failed.

2. Temperature sensor overload, information error.

3. The power wiring is loose, and the contact is poor.

4. The starting capacitor or compressor starting coil is burnt out.