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Captain Marvel revealed that the female host's cinematography conjectures how to connect with Fu Lia

Four seas network: read "Fu Lian 3" all know that the end of the egg represents the legendary surprise captain to appear! How powerful is this super heroine who can hang and hit Hok? Recently, many photos of Captain Marvel have been released on the Internet. From the photos, Captain Marvel is in green uniform. Many fans are also wondering how the captain of Marvel can be connected with "Fu Lian 4" and how the next story will develop? Come and have a look.

Captain Marvel revealed that the female host's cinematography conjectures how to connect with Fu Lian 4

Marvel's first female superhero independent film, Captain amazing, has exposed a series of Los Angeles cinemas. Starring Brit & Middleton; Larson appears in green. As the first female dominated superhero movie in MCU, Kevin Middleton Fitch, the leader of Marvel film industry, previously revealed that the story of Captain Marvel will lead to the "final chapter" of the third stage of MCU, Avenger alliance 4.

Captain wonder movie story

Marvel captain is a marvel movie about the origin of Marvel captain. The time line took place in the 1990s. Captain Marvel was one of the first superheroes on earth. At that time, iron man seemed to be still reading, the captain of the United States was still under the ice. According to the official timeline of Marvel film, the founding of Avenger alliance was in 2010.

Mode 1: join the infinite war directly

We know that Captain Marvel tells the story of the origin of Captain Marvel, which is not directly related to revenge alliance 3: Infinite War. Then, in Avengers 4, Captain Marvel may join the "Infinite War" directly. Or, marveligan won't call "Avengers alliance 4" infinite war again. The online rumors are "Secret Invasion".

Mode 2: eliminate the hidden dangers of Infinite War in the past

This conjecture is mainly based on the known scene photo of Avengers 4. Last year, a lot of "Fu Lian 4" photos showed that the revenge and other superheroes were wearing old battle clothes. This may be that the superheroes return to the past and eliminate the hidden danger of "Infinite War" in advance, so that the cyberbully can not invade the earth in the future.

In the past, Captain Marvel may help Avengers eliminate hidden dangers together, so as to prevent the invasion of the earth. Of course, the above is also based on the current information. However, manwei often doesn't follow the routine, and it's also possible that "Fu Lian 4" is a new story, and that extermination of hegemony may have an ending in "Fu Lian 3".

All in all, let's look forward to Captain Marvel, which will be released in North America on March 8 next year.