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Can you take a bath immediately after the fitness run? Does drinking milk make you fat after running running is one of the most popular sports, which is recognized by people for its convenience, efficiency and convenience. Running has all-round benefits for the body. It can not only be plastic, but also play an effective role in weight loss. But there are many precautions after running, such as not taking a bath immediately, but drinking milk.

Can I have milk after running

You can drink milk after running.

It's right to drink milk after exercise. It's better to have an empty stomach before exercise. It's better for your health. I don't recommend drinking cola after exercise. If you drink cola without eating something on an empty stomach, it's bad for your body, especially your stomach. Cola itself is harmful to my body. How old are you now? If you are still developing and exercising, you will grow taller. I hope it will help you

Is milk fattening after running

They don't get fat.

1. The main components of milk are protein, a small amount of fat and other trace elements. Drinking milk after exercise is very good. It can quickly replenish the protein needed by the body. Protein will not be stored in the body, and excess protein that cannot be absorbed will be discharged with urine. It won't become fat, so it won't be fat.

2. After exercise, it's better to drink skim milk. If the amount of exercise is very large, you can drink protein powder, and the amount of milk is not enough to supplement your body.

Can I take a bath after running

You can't take a bath immediately after running. You should take a rest before taking a bath.

Usually, many people like to take a hot (cold) bath immediately after exercise, thinking that it can not only decontaminate but also recover fatigue. In fact, otherwise, the body has not returned to normal after exercise, it is not suitable to take a bath immediately, especially a hot bath. According to the research of sports medicine experts, when people exercise, the blood flow to muscles increases, and the heart rate increases. When the exercise stops, although the blood flow and heart rate are relieved, they will continue for a long time. If you take a bath immediately, the blood flow to the skin and muscles will be increased. This makes the remaining blood not enough to supply other important organs, such as the heart and brain, which can lead to heart disease. Some people go to take a hot bath immediately after exercise, and they often feel dizzy and weak, which is the reason mentioned above. Especially for the elderly or obese people, they can't take a hot bath immediately after exercise. After sweating in summer, you can't take a cold bath immediately. Because of the high temperature in summer, the body produces more heat during exercise. Evaporation of sweat and expansion of skin blood vessels are important ways for the body to dissipate heat.

At the end of exercise, the human body is still in a state of vigorous metabolism, increased heat production and skin vasodilation. If you take a cold bath immediately and the skin is stimulated by cold water, the skin vasoconstriction will be caused by nerve reflex. As a result, the sweating and heat dissipation will be blocked, but the heat dissipation will be difficult and the temperature will rise. At the same time, the decrease of skin blood flow causes the sudden increase of blood flow back to the heart, which will increase the burden on the heart. Also, the body from the hot environment into the cold environment, too late to adapt to adjust, often prone to cold or gastrointestinal spasm. After exercise, muscle fatigue and tension increase, and then cold stimulation may cause cramps. After sweating in summer, you should drink some boiled salt water properly, then rest for about 1 hour, do some preparation activities and take a cold bath. If possible, it's best to take a warm bath.