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How to make shrimps with skin? Is it good to eat steamed shrimps with skin

Sihaiwang: skin shrimp is one of the hottest seafood nowadays. It's very popular. There are many shrimps on the Internet, but can you really do it at home? There are many ways to make shrimps with skin, but many people's favorite way to eat them is steamed. It's original, fragrant and delicious. How can steamed shrimps be delicious? The following describes the detailed approach.

Is steamed skin shrimp delicious

Steamed skin shrimp keeps the taste of shrimp itself, which is the most natural and delicious.

Steamed skin shrimp, a seafood dish, with shrimp as the main ingredient. Skin shrimp is also called Squilla, because there will be liquid outflow from the tail of the water, so it is also called lainiao shrimp. Its meat is very sweet and delicious.

Like heavy taste friends, you can make seasoning, eat together, taste good.

How to make steamed shrimp

1. Put the skin shrimps into clean water.

2. Drain the rinsed shrimps and put them into the steamer

3. Sprinkle a thin layer of salt on the shrimps.

4. Cover the pot, heat it up, steam for 10 minutes,

5. Let's go

How long is the steaming time suitable

The skin shrimp is put into the steamer after boiling in the steamer. Generally, it only needs to steam for 5 minutes to cook the shrimp meat. At this time, the shrimp meat is the most tender, the most delicious and the most suitable for eating.

Note that the steaming time is too short, the shrimp meat is not cooked, not edible, and do not steam for too long, the fresh taste of skin shrimp will be lost in large amount, and the taste is not good, in a word, it is recommended to be between 5-8 minutes.