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How often is the mattress replaced? Can the mattress be reused on both sides

Sihaiwang: mattresses are not available in our lives. A good mattress brings us the comfort of sleeping is very obvious. Can the mattress sleep on both sides then? Does the mattress sleep well on one side or on both sides? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

How often does the mattress fit

Generally speaking, the service life of mattress is 10 years, but it is recommended to replace one at least 5-8 years.

Perhaps most mattress businesses claim that their mattresses can be used for 10 years and 20 years, some even 30 years. In fact, the best use of mattresses and businesses so-called decades of mattress life can not be equated. Although the service life of a mattress is promised to be 20 to 30 years, the maximum service life that can guarantee the best comfort and safety is 5 to 8 years.

In other words, the mattress didn't use for 10 years in time, and its appearance didn't look bad, but its internal has begun to age, and the support and comfort that consumers most care about when they buy are naturally declining. As a result, the sleep quality of the human body will also be reduced, and even the cervical spine and spine will be affected. Besides, the mattress is permanent, and it is also easy to become a hotbed for bacteria and mites, especially when you don't pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.

These signals mean you need to change your mattress

1. Roll on the bed and find that the mattress is sunken badly, or the hardness and softness of each place are very different, or the bed always feels uneven. Obviously, in this case, the spring of the mattress has been partially damaged, and the maximum limit of the mattress has arrived. It should be replaced in time or at least taken for warranty. This kind of mattress can't support the body evenly, which makes the spine of human body deformed, especially the old people will cause joint pain, and the children will cause bone deformation.

2. The mattress has been used for more than 10 years. It has been used for a long time. There is no problem with the spring. The padding inside will also age, and the comfort will be greatly affected. It must be replaced.

3. If you get up in the morning after a night's sleep and you still feel unwell, you often have backache, weakness and other symptoms, you should check the mattress you sleep on. A suitable mattress can relax your body and mind and recover your physical strength quickly; on the contrary, an unsuitable mattress will affect your health imperceptibly. Therefore, I often can't sleep well at night. After I wake up, I feel backache and fatigue. In the case of excluding the incorrect sleeping posture, it is possible that there is a problem with the quality of the mattress, indicating that the mattress should be replaced.

4. If you wake up earlier than you used to, say, a year ago, it's a serious problem with your mattress. If the mattress is used for a long time, it will reduce the comfort and internal structure deformation, and it will not support your body properly, and even cause lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain and other spinal diseases.

5. I don't know what's the reason. Lying in bed at night is always turning around and hard to fall asleep, which directly affects the normal work and life of the next day. In fact, a good mattress can help you improve your sleep. Sleeping on it is like floating on a floating cloud, so that the blood circulation of the whole body is smooth, the number of turning over is reduced, and you can easily fall asleep. If other factors are excluded, in the long run, it can be considered to replace the mattress.

6. If you always wake up naturally at two or three o'clock in the evening, and you will fall asleep slowly after waking up, and you have been dreaming all the time. The quality of sleep is quite poor, and you have a headache. You can't solve it after seeing a lot of doctors. It can only tell you that it's time to change the mattress. A good mattress can help you get more sleep with less than eight hours a day.

7. If you are troubled by yellow blisters, redness, itching and autumn measles when you sleep, it is likely to be the price paid for the low price and poor quality mattress. Poor mattress is usually not treated with anti mites, mites can cause skin itching, acne, acne, allergic dermatitis, acute and chronic urticaria and other skin diseases.

8. Usually when I turn over a little, I can hear the squeak of the bed. The quiet night is very harsh. The squeaking of the mattress is caused by the damage of the spring, the damage of its material and structure, and the inability to support the body weight, so the mattress can no longer be used.

Proper maintenance can extend the best service life of mattress

5 to 8 years is the best use period, and this is to buy a good mattress when you buy, and pay attention to the premise of maintenance.

1. You can't just lay thin sheets or sleep directly on the mattress, at least place the mattress protective cover or thin mattress, so as to reduce the direct contact between the mattress fabric and the human body and reduce the pollution.

2. Mattresses should be dried frequently, and more mattresses should be dried when the weather is good, which can effectively reduce internal pollution.

3. The mattress should turn over regularly. Turning over the mattress regularly can make the part contacting with the body for a long time have a full rest and reduce the pollution.

4. The mattress should be cleaned regularly with high-pressure vacuum cleaner to remove the pollutants inside the mattress to the greatest extent and greatly extend the best use period of the mattress.


It should be noted that for newly purchased mattresses, there may be adaptability problems and slight waist pain, which is irrelevant to the quality of mattresses.

Can mattresses sleep on both sides

Depends on the mattress. There are two kinds of mattresses: one side sleeping and two side sleeping, as well as no turning mattress.

1. The mattress is divided into single sleeping and double sleeping

It is generally possible to sleep on one side, which is not recommended to sleep in reverse. If the factory uses refined steel spring or independent cylinder spring, see if there is latex. If there is latex, the bottom is similar to the fabric on the front, and it can basically sleep.

Like Simmons mattress can sleep on both sides, and the hardness of both sides is different, one side is hard and the other is soft. You can choose which side to sleep according to your different needs. When you are young, you may choose the soft side, which is more comfortable. But when you get older, you should choose the hard side to protect your spinal cord. Simmons' design is very humanized, considering the different needs of different groups of people to make this design. Therefore, both sides are more expensive, both sides can sleep, one side is soft and the other is hard, and one mattress can meet your two needs.

2. No turning mattress is not suitable for sleeping on the opposite side

If your mattress is a double-layer non reversible mattress, it is not suitable for sleeping on the back side. Usually, it is only a turn around and a mattress sag.

No turning mattress: Turning mattress is not a simple job. Mattress volume, weight and other aspects are relatively large, want to easily flip the mattress is not easy. Many consumers not only need the mobilization of the whole family, but also sometimes they are injured by turning over the mattress. Therefore, a non turnover mattress is designed. In 1982, sleep therapy airy green mattress invented the world's first non turnover mattress, 'Comfort Deluxe'. Relying on the design of human mechanics, it can effectively fit the waist, cervical spine, legs and other parts of the human body, bringing a more perfect sleep experience. This technology has been recognized by the United States.

In addition, this kind of spring has the characteristics of strong anti tension, superior resilience and no deformation. It wants to have higher elasticity than the ordinary mattress, so it can effectively support the weight and avoid overturning. In addition, it can provide the most appropriate soft and hard support according to the body curve of the sleeper.

Is the mattress sleeping well on one side or on both sides

This does not give an exact answer. Just choose what suits your needs.

Of course, if it's a sleeping mattress, especially the one you buy is still heavy, and you can't move it by yourself, you'd better choose the mattress that doesn't need to be turned over as much as possible, otherwise it's hard to turn over the mattress often.

However, if it is not overturned, for the maintenance of the mattress, the first year of the new purchase should be every two or three months positive and negative, left and right, or head and foot overturned once, so that the force on the mattress spring is even. After that, turn it over every six months.